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Why Law Firm Search Marketing Helps Generate Leads

by Kierstin Vermeulen • September 22nd, 2016 • Search Engine Marketing | Blog

law firm search marketingIs Law Firm Search Marketing Right For My Firm?

To the uninitiated, rising to the top of the search engine food chain might seem like an example of Darwin’s principle of natural selectionHowever, there’s a tool that can be advantageous to your law firm search marketing strategy and bring your firm closer to the top of results: Pay-Per-Click. Commonly referred to as PPC or search marketing is paid search engine placement.  

For most law firms, their first foray into digital marketing begins by establishing an online presence with a simple website. More advanced firms might even know how to boost their website with relevant SEO keywords tailored to their practice. But SEO and keywords only get you so far. That’s when law firm search marketing becomes important.

According to Alan Schneider, an expert on search engine marketing, plenty of law firms are vying for new clients in big markets, and the chances of being found organically are slim to none. With Pay-Per-Click, you actually have a say on where your site appears among search results, and that gives you a better chance of generating leads.

Pay-Per-Click listings for law firms are very competitive and take time to develop, so the sooner a firm gets in the game, the sooner it will start generating more leads. Schneider warns lawyers, “You can’t be late to the ball game in website listing.”

Firms get started with PPC by purchasing keywords that place them within search results as advertisements. The results improve the visibility of firms within search engines.

Schneider explains that to get the most out of your law firm search marketing dollar, you need to carefully study and evaluate which keywords are popular in your area of specialization. Your firm could waste thousands of dollars on keywords that historically have not demonstrated good conversion rates or quality leads. Invest the time to create a budget and really do your research to find keywords that target your audience. If your focus is regional, be sure to also include geographic descriptors in your keywords, so you aren’t exhausting your budget appearing in searches outside of your target location.

“It’s very easy to waste massive amounts of money for not properly tracking and targeting,” Schneider said. His advice? Hire a professional to assist in laying out the right plan for your firm. 

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