law firm instagramInstagram is one of today’s most popular social media platforms. According to Sprout Social, 1 billion people access the app daily. With such a large user base, there are plenty of opportunities for law firms to connect and interact with their target audience. Savvy lawyers and law firms promote themselves on Instagram in order to stay engaged with current and former clients and to catch the attention of new clients. In this blog post, we dive into little-known law firm Instagram hacks that will improve your engagement and ensure you’re set up for success on the platform.

Add unlimited links in your Instagram stories

You can only have one link in your bio, but you can put as many as you want in your story. Note: this feature is only available to accounts with 10,000+followers or verified accounts.

Comment early – and respond

You’re more likely to get noticed if you’re one of the first comments on a post. Regularly keep up with influencers in the legal industry, and try to comment promptly (According to HubSpot, the first hour after a post is the best window of time for commenting). Then respond as soon as you can to keep a dialog going. 

Repost Stories you’re tagged in

Capitalize on free mentions. If someone mentions you in their Instagram Story, add it to yours!

Find your time of day

Do your own research on the optimal times that resonate with your audience. Test different days and hours to find the times that your followers are likely to engage with your posts. Perhaps it’s early in the morning before work hours, during lunch hours, or late in the evening. Keep in mind, the Instagram algorithm favors posts with heavy engagement so your posts appear in more newsfeeds when you receive high engagement.

Make the most of hashtags

Use the Instagram tools to find new hashtags and add them to your story. Remember to capitalize on trending hashtags and current events. Make sure to add hashtags to any story, and always use your branded hashtag when posting.

Promote posts in stories

Hundreds of millions of people watch stories every single day. When you have a new post worth mentioning, create a story to broadcast it.

Use “Quick Replies”

If you answer questions on your Instagram (and hopefully you do), you may get the same ones over and over. Make responding easier on yourself with this feature from the platform. Go to “Options,” scroll down to “Business Settings” and click “Quick Replies.”

Add Instagram to your email signature

If you’re like most lawyers, you’re sending and receiving a ton of email – including newsletters! Add your Instagram information to the bottom of emails for increased engagement.

Add your Instagram feed to your website

Add a feed of your Instagram posts to your website using a plugin like Pixlee. This will showcase your latest content and attract website visitors to your social media account.

Live event promotion

If you’re part of a panel, attending a conference, or hosting a client event, promote that fact on Instagram using the event hashtag and handle.

Try a “takeover”

Takeovers are a newer form of partnership marketing some companies are trying. Collaborate with another firm or complementary company and post on each other’s accounts for a certain amount of time. You’ll both gain new followers from each others’ audience. 

Use creative Instagram Story features

Take advantage of new features. Instagram has released more features via Stories like Super-Zoom, Music, Polls, Questions, and the Slide Bar. Polls are a great way to engage with your audience and learn something from them! Check out this guide from Forbes on how best to use the Instagram Story features. Related: How to Adapt Your Law Firm’s Blog Content Into an Instagram Story.

Make content accessible to the visually impaired

Create custom descriptions for your posts to be read aloud, using the app’s AI feature. When you create a post, simply click “Advanced Settings” then under Accessibility, choose “Write Alt Text”.


Almost any industry can experience success on Instagram, and law firms are no exception. Instagram – like all of social media – is constantly evolving. Keeping up with social media innovations can make a big difference to your firm’s engagement rates! Apply these law firm Instagram hacks for more engagement and to generate new leads and opportunities. If you need assistance with your social media strategy, contact us. We have vast experience helping lawyers and law firms generate leads on social media.

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