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3 Steps to Developing a Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy

by Kierstin Vermeulen • November 2nd, 2016 • Content Marketing | Blog

law firm content marketing strategyCreating an effective law firm content marketing strategy means making sure you’ve clearly defined your goals. In this blog post we discuss three steps you can take to develop a law firm content marketing strategy to accomplish your overarching business development objectives.

1. Create a content mission statement
A content mission statement is a great way to keep your law firm content marketing efforts on track. Mission statements should answer three key questions including:

  • Who is your core audience target? What type of person would benefit the most from the help provided by your content?
  • What are your deliverables to the audience? What types of information will you provide through your content? How is your story different?
  • What is the desired outcome for the audience? What’s in it for them? Once your audience consumes your content, what would you like for them to do next?

Answering these questions is critical to a law firm content marketing strategy and will allow you to build a content mission statement that will guide content creation, publishing and sharing. Vishal Khanna, director of digital marketing for Wake Forest Innovations, says that when you have multiple writers covering the same topic, the mission statement “keeps everybody on track and keeps them all creating a single voice in all their various channels.” 

2. Build buyer personas
A buyer persona is a composite sketch of a key segment of your clients. It characterizes who they are, what their relevant needs are, and the role they likely play in purchasing legal services. A buyer persona helps your firm visualize your clients’ needs and how your firm’s services can help them. If your law firm does not have at least one persona to guide its online contributors, its content may not adequately engage prospects with the information your client base is seeking.

How do you build a persona? A great way to start is to think of your law firm’s ideal client.

  • What kind of legal help does the client need?
  • How does the client consume content? On their cell phone? On TV? Are they social media junkies? Do they rely on email?
  • How often are they checking for relevant information per day?
  • Who influences your client’s content consumption? Friends, colleagues, industry leaders? Or are they driven by specific subject areas?

The answers to these questions are the outline for creating an effective buyer persona. Once you’ve created a persona, you can tailor your content to specifically address the needs and interests of this client.

3. Document your strategy
If you want your law firm content marketing strategy to succeed, you must document it. A documented strategy helps everyone in your law firm to understand opportunities and challenges, prioritize certain projects and execute each effort with the same purpose and understanding in mind.
Research by the Content Marketing Institute found that enterprises with a documented content marketing strategy are “far more likely to consider themselves effective at content marketing” and also consider themselves more effective across a variety of tactics and social media channels. They are also better able to manage and justify their marketing budget spend on content.

A content marketing strategy can help your firm stay organized, spend less money and save time. For it to work, you need a defined content mission statement, a buyer persona, and a documented strategy. 

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