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4 Instagram Accounts of Law Firms Doing It Right

by Haley Maresca • December 8th, 2023 • Content Marketing, Social Media | Blog

Although Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in the world, many legal marketers are reluctant to invest time in the platform because of its focus on consumer marketing and its youthful audience. 

If the past few years of marketing have taught us anything, it’s that trust and credibility can be damaged by a social media strategy that doesn’t catch on across major platforms. When looking up businesses they want to collaborate with, users frequently start their search on their preferred social media network. Consider the initial impression you would like to leave on a user who finds your social media page empty.

In our yearly whitepaper, The Social Law Firm Index, we examined and ranked the top 200 law firms in America (as determined by the American Lawyer) based on how they use and adopt social media to spread thought leadership messaging. We’re looking at four law firms’ Instagram accounts in this post that are doing it successfully.

Reviewing these 4 accounts will give you perspectives on how your law firm can update its Instagram strategy and show you what success on the platform looks like in 2023.

1. DLA Piper

Instagram is just one part of DLA Piper’s integrated digital strategy, which also includes email, social media, and the web, and is intended to give its external audiences a consistent, valuable experience. Instagram serves as the company’s main platform for posting images, videos, and podcasts of its attorneys and business professionals in action—whether they’re interacting with clients, winning accolades, or showing up as guests for interviews. They use stories for more current and popular topics such as diversity and interesting Q & A’s to concentrate their feed on content that highlights their longevity and leadership in the field. The company’s strategy has shown to be effective because it continuously garners favorable engagement.

2. Brown Rudnick

Social media success is something that must be earned via constant effort, as demonstrated by Brown Rudnick. With the help of its most well-liked cases, Brown Rudnick creates content to satisfy the needs and wants of its audience. With Reels and Carousel Posts, they take advantage of Instagram’s most recent features. By adding pictures of people, Brown Rudnick further elevates their firm. They frequently use a lawyer’s face as well as podcast features and recent events to keep the posts interesting, even if they wish to share copy in the graphic.

3. Bracewell

Bracewell demonstrates how the foundation of Instagram for legal firms is compelling imagery and robust branding. When Bracewell publishes graphics in place of photos, those posts are branded with a similar font, format, style, and color scheme, creating a visually pleasing grid. Strong visuals are another tool Bracewell uses in their Highlights display photos. Once more, Bracewell shows that they’ve modified their approach to be unique to Instagram by using Linktree to make link sharing simple. Reels are another tool Bracewell uses to present images and content in a visually appealing and easy-to-read manner. 

4. White & Case

White & Case’s neatly arranged and distinctively branded profile creates a fantastic first impression. They share pertinent links, including links to their other Instagram accounts, using Linktree and display the subjects of their Highlights using branded graphics. In addition to updating its main page, White & Case knows how to take advantage of market segmentation by setting up distinct Instagram pages for various audiences. They make use of all the most effective post formats, such as carousels, reels, and stories. Additionally, White & Case is aware that Instagram is primarily a visual platform and that the company should use it to humanize itself. Thus, they have a ton of human photos, but more importantly, they use professional and personal Reels to highlight the lives of their lawyers.


For law firms, Instagram’s success might be a little different than on other platforms. Above all, though, these legal firms demonstrate how Instagram is the ideal platform for showcasing your culture and values, humanizing your business, and finding fresh ways to interact with your audience. 

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