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10 Tips on How to Market a Law Firm in the Digital Age

by Guy Alvarez • March 8th, 2022 • Digital Marketing | Blog

In an online world, your law firm’s marketing approach must encompass various digital strategies along with the more traditional techniques. But with so many firms going digital, merely posting content isn’t going to drive success. To ensure your practice remains competitive in today’s increasingly crowded digital marketplace, be sure to keep these 10 tips in mind on how to market a law firm.

How to Market a Law Firm

1. See Things from the Client’s Point of View

Before launching your advertising campaign, take the time to view it from the potential client’s perspective. Think of this as anhow to market a law firm immersive experience that will give you additional insights into your prospects. We recommend creating buyer personas for your law firm to both identify potential clients’ challenges and needs and provide the right solutions for their issues.

2. Create Designated Landing Pages

Since you will likely have multiple ad campaigns running simultaneously, create unique landing pages for each. This way, the call to action will bring viewers to content that is relevant to them. For a law firm, this could be a different landing page for each category of legal service your firm provides or perhaps landing pages for offers like eBooks or free consultations.

3. A Clear Call to Action

To take advantage of the digital world, ensure your marketing content includes a clear call to action. This will tell visitors or viewers the next step, whether that is signing up for your email list, calling your law firm, or sending you a message. Avoid ambiguity in the language and utilize words that are relevant to your brand and services.

4. Keep it Short and Compelling

Most digital advertisements are relatively small and will only be viewed for a few seconds. Because of this, you want the content to be clear and succinct while still remaining compelling. Since you’ll only have a viewer’s attention for an extremely short time, you also need something that sets your advertisement apart, such as an offer for a free consultation or a discount.

5. Offer Value

While discounts and free consults are definitely effective, they’re not your only options for creating compelling digital ads. Webinars, free tools, videos, and other forms of educational content that provide value are also likely to get the attention of potential clients. As a bonus, this type of content also helps build your reputation as an authority figure, which will ultimately improve your SEO.

6. Opt for High-Quality Imagery

High-quality imagery can make a significant difference when you’re striving to create a positive impression in just a few seconds. Use captivating images that relate to the content you’re sharing or your brand. While you want your visuals to be aesthetically pleasing and cohesive, you also want them to be relevant and varied.

7. Engage Users

To truly thrive in the digital age for marketing, use your online presence to engage with your audience. Interact with potential clients on social media and your blog. Encouraging communication will lead to a business development boost. By liking, sharing, and chatting with prospects, you’ll get a better feel for your target audience and drive brand recognition of your law firm.

8. Personalize Any Automation

While automation is becoming a bigger part of marketing in the digital age, it cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, your law firm should be using automation to help you personalize your marketing and business development efforts. When you segment your audience based on data and personalize content towards each cohorts’ specific needs, you’re far more likely to see real results, including higher click and conversion rates.

9. Know That Money Is Not the Bottom Line

In the digital age, merely having the largest marketing budget won’t be enough to outpace your competitors. While digital advertising can level the playing field, creativity is what will ensure your law firm truly stands out. Go for quality over quantity if you want to see results.

10. Test and Monitor

For decades, the rules of advertising required that campaigns be tested prior to launch to allow for final adjustments and then be continually monitored so changes could be made when necessary. While these guidelines still stand in the digital age, technology has actually made it far easier to do so. There’s less risk in trying something new. And because you can see its impact in real-time, small changes can be made immediately. Don’t allow stagnant marketing to leave you behind in changing times.


Knowing how to market a law firm effectively in the digital age is essential for having a successful practice. Unlike traditional law firm marketing, digital marketing strategies enable firms to measure performance and implement changes instantaneously, giving you more power to try and test new tactics.

We’ve helped many law firms and businesses leverage online advertising and thought leadership content to drive success.  If you need assistance improving your digital marketing strategy, contact us for a consultation.

This post has been edited and republished from Oct. 10, 2018.

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