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How to Determine Your Law Firm’s Paid Social Budget for Each Platform

by Alanna Fichtel • March 7th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

law firm's paid socialMost law firms today understand the importance of digital marketing, but many are not spending enough on digital, or are not spending strategically. Advertising on social media is a large part of a firm’s digital marketing efforts. With several different platforms available to legal marketers, determining an advertising budget and how to allocate it between social media platforms can be a challenge. We discuss below some social media advertising trends your firm may want to keep in mind when building its advertising budget.

Benefits of LinkedIn Ad Targeting

Some surveys suggest that marketers will be increasing their LinkedIn ad spending in 2019. While these ads are more expensive than ads on Facebook or Twitter, they have the added benefit of being able to target professionals by their job or company title, which cannot be done on Facebook. Just this year, LinkedIn also introduced the ability for advertisers to target ad campaigns by users’ professional interests such as artificial intelligence, public finance, and brand management. If your firm is looking to reach a specific audience or perhaps businesses more than consumers, it should be spending enough on paid LinkedIn ad targeting in order to reach potential clients.

Shifting from Facebook to Instagram

2018 saw a shift of ad spending by marketers from Facebook to Instagram and experts expect the trend to continue through 2019. Another survey suggested that of all social media platforms, Instagram had the highest percentage of surveyed marketers that said they plan to increase spending on the platform in 2019. While the survey did indicate Facebook is still on top when it comes to social media advertising channels, it is clear Instagram is gaining popularity, especially with millennials. Yet older demographics want to be “in the know” when it comes to social media, so Instagram has the potential to reach a wide audience. Your firm will likely need to dedicate part of its budget to advertising on Instagram in order to keep up with its competitors.

Facebook and Twitter Remain for Growing an Audience

These platforms helped lead the social media age, and they still provide an easy way for marketers to grow their community and create brand awareness. While many professionals might think LinkedIn is the best platform for networking, Facebook and Twitter can help lawyers target different types of audiences, particularly consumers. Many people use Facebook specifically to connect with their communities, friends, and families. Small law firms especially can take advantage of this by advertising on Facebook and Twitter to find a more niche network. However, Twitter’s capabilities are more limited when it comes to targeting so it may not be worth your firm’s money depending on its needs.


Trends in digital marketing are always changing, including where marketers choose to spend their money. While your firm should be aware of where its competitors are advertising on social media, it is also important to keep in mind what makes sense for your firm’s individual size, capabilities, and areas of service. If your firm needs help with its social media strategy or other digital marketing tips, reach out to us for a free consultation.

law firm's paid social


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