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How Much Should My Law Firm Spend on Digital Marketing in 2019?

by Good2bSocial • February 1st, 2019 • Digital Marketing | Blog

How Much Should My Law Firm Spend on Digital Marketing in 2019?How are you feeling about your marketing efforts in 2019? What changes are you going to make for the new year? If you are not thinking about increasing digital efforts, you might already be behind where you need to be.

In the study we shared recently, we talked about the status of marketing for law firms according to several companies and sources. Here’s an interesting excerpt as it pertains to planning and budgeting for digital:

“More than half of the firms surveyed rated the importance of digital marketing as a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. However, when respondents were asked what percentage of their overall marketing budget is allocated to digital marketing, nearly 50 percent of respondents indicated that they allocated 15 percent or less of their marketing budget to digital marketing.”

This is a problem because the latest wisdom recommends spending about 50% of your total marketing budget on digital – that’s a big leap for many of the firms we spoke to! Of course, more important than just spending money is making sure you’re spending it in the best place to gain the best results. Simply adding more budget into areas that aren’t performing won’t get you anywhere. According to our research, most marketers are looking to add resources to social media advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), mobile marketing, and email.

Need some convincing to throw fuel on your digital fire? Here are a few reasons why investing more in digital makes a  lot of sense:

  • Digital marketing costs less than a lot of traditional mediums, and is easier to track so you can spend wisely.
  • Online programs can be implemented and adjusted quickly.
  • The personalization offered by online advertising and social media marketing cannot be matched, making these campaigns much more effective (with a higher ROI).
  • You can compete with bigger companies and firms using digital, in ways you would never be able to with more traditional methods.

Ready to up your digital budget to 50% of your total marketing spend? If so, here are the top ways we recommend you invest to get the best results:


Content creation is becoming more important than ever, and building a proper website that draws the right traffic is a great marketing exercise in its own right. Spend a good portion of your budget managing your website, SEO, and curating new and relevant content.

Social Media

Stay regular, stay consistent, and keep building a following. One note here, though: you may not need to spend a ton to improve your presence and create campaigns. A dedicated resource can get great results by being intentional and thoughtful in managing a social media presence.


This is an area where you may want to take a closer look. PPC can be very effective for brands that focus on a specific region or specialty. If you are able to test a few campaigns, you should be able to decide which areas make sense to invest more in.


This platform just keeps getting better when it comes to advertising. They are able to offer more personalization than ever before, and YouTube is more popular than ever. If you can create ads that capture people’s attention in the first few seconds, you may see great results. However, developing compelling video content doesn’t come cheap, so this will eat up a large portion of your digital budget.


We love all things digital and would love to share with you the latest trends you need to know about in 2019. If you know you need to up your digital efforts, but aren’t sure how, let’s start with a conversation to see what makes sense.

How Much Should My Law Firm Spend on Digital Marketing in 2019?


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