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The Importance of Content Personalization for Law Firms

by Kevin Vermeulen • January 17th, 2019 • Content Marketing | Blog

content personalization for law firmsOne of the most important aspects of successful digital marketing, is content personalization for law firms. Regardless of the industry, clients are faced with a range of choices and the way to stand out is to customize content to the unique needs of your clients. Discover why personalization is so important and how to go about achieving it.

Why Personalization Matters

Content personalization for your law firm will help bring in clients by appealing to what each individual is looking for. If you deliver generic content, visitors to your website and potential clients will feel as if they could find the same information anywhere. By contrast, personalized content makes it clear that you offer something unique to clients and are willing to go out of your way to appeal to their specific needs.

Personalization Increases ROI

When it comes to marketing for your law firm, incorporating personalization will increase your return on investment. Some surveys have shown that 66% of consumers will not read an entire piece of content, typically because it is either irrelevant or uninteresting. If you are able to make the content relevant and interesting via personalization, this figure will increase. When visitors read your content all the way through, they are more likely to follow through with your call to action as well as view your law firm as an authority in the field that provides relevant information, leading to repeat visits.

Methods of Personalizing Content

As a law firm, your methods for delivering personalized content can be similar to those used by other industries. Start with in-line messaging, meaning messages that appeal to the specific needs of your audience. You also want to ensure that the messaging is consistent across your website, web page description, and other online presences, such as on social media.

When personalizing content, you should never overlook the importance of sorting out demographics. It will always be beneficial to segment your target audience into various categories based on demographics so you can deliver better personalization. Automation tools can make it even easier for your law firm to not only segment your contacts, but to deliver specific content directly to the clients who are interested in it. Then, you can use analytics and data to check whether your personalization techniques are successful.

As a law firm, you will not necessarily make use of some of the personalization methods e-commerce websites use, such as related items or previously viewed items, but there are alternatives. If, for example, website visitors showed interest in a particular specialty among your law firm’s services, you can show them services related to that specialty.


It’s 2019, meaning law firms have the technology to create and deliver valuable content that is personalized by client interests. While it may seem like a major investment in resources, the ROI of content personalization for law firms is high. When clients feel as though their challenges are being heard and their problems are being solved by your firm’s thought leadership content, they’re more likely to turn to your firm for its services. If your law firm needs help implementing a more personalized content strategy, we can help provide you with the knowledge and tools to get started – just contact us for a consultation!

content personalization for law firms


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