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How Google Analytics 4 Uses AI To Enhance Your Marketing Data

by Guy Alvarez • September 25th, 2023 • AI, Digital Marketing | Blog

AI is everywhere, and Google is no exception. Google Analytics 4 provides data-driven insights that can be utilized daily and can be highly valuable to legal marketers. Features like automated insights, custom insights, and personalized recommendations highlight the power of AI in guiding better marketing. Here’s what legal marketers need to know about Google Analytics 4 and the features that leverage AI. 

Automated Insightsgoogle analytics 4 for law firms

This is one of the biggest areas where Google Analytics 4 and AI make a significant impact. These insights are featured prominently on the dashboard in simple-to-read graphical formats. Using machine learning algorithms, the automated insights feature continuously analyzes your data to put together information on emerging trends or uncommon outliers. For example, if your organic traffic suddenly ramps up significantly, GA4 will uncover that anomaly in your insights. It’s a great way to cut through the noise and see what actually impacts your business without a lot of work from a human. Then, based on your feedback, the system learns more about what actually matters to your firm. You have the ability to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each insight in order to train the system on what’s really valuable to your firm. 

Custom Insights

Automated insights focus on certain anomalies that may interest you, while custom insights allow you to have more control over what you want to track. With custom insights, you can define the exact metrics and thresholds you want to monitor. There are 50 custom insights available per property, and you can fine-tune them as you go to get to the information you really care about. As an example, you may want to be notified of sudden drops like a reduction in mobile traffic of more than 20%. Or, you might want to get a notification if your newsletter subscriber rate sees a big jump in a certain week. Users really like the flexibility that allows them to configure insights that can help them to make decisions in real-time. 

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AI Assistant and Actionable Recommendations Google Analytics 4 and AI

A personalized recommendations feature is another strong AI capability. It’s kind of like having an analytics assistant right at your fingertips, suggesting real ways to fine-tune your strategy. ​​As an example, the assistant might recommend lowering your bid price for a certain keyword if your acquisition cost is creeping up, improving your overall campaign ROI. Or, it might suggest ways to expand your reach by targeting audiences that are similar to your most engaged visitors now. The best part is that clear steps are included so you know exactly what to do to implement the suggestions, rather than reviewing vague instructions like “improve campaign performance”. 


GA4 offers a lot of powerful analytics that marketers can use to make better decisions. Now, the new, sophisticated AI tools can help you to uncover real growth opportunities. Use these tools to reveal patterns worth investigating and opportunities to optimize performance. If you need any help getting set up with Google Analytics so that you can properly track your firm’s digital efforts overall, let us know. We can help you to measure and make the most of your digital marketing strategies. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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