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Google Has a New Top Level Domain for Law Firms

by Guy Alvarez • May 5th, 2023 • SEO | Blog

Google has just announced a new top-level domain for law firms- level domain

Google has traditionally offered just a few top-level domains like .com, .org, However, these domains did not allow websites to truly showcase their specific industry and business.

Now Google is introducing 8 new TLDs, including .esq – short for esquire and the perfect TLD for law firms..

Why Is This New TLD Important?

This new TLD not only allows law firms to better communicate their legal industry bona fides, but it also has the potential to help with search rankings. Content and external signals like links are important for rankings. Now, practices utilizing the .esq TLD have a unique way of standing out among their competitors in the search engine results pages. Conversion rates may also improve with the use of .esq, since the keyword domain will match what users are searching for, thus attracting visitors who are a better match for the website they’re clicking on.

How much does this cost?

At the moment, law firms have their pick of desirable domain names. All are available at early access prices, which means they cost at least $11,500 to register and then $30/year thereafter.

It’s important that law firms look into making the switch to .esq as soon as possible, as domains are only available on a first come first serve basis. Those who switch before their competitors will reap the most SEO benefits.


Making the switch to the .esq TLD is a big decision, but law firms and lawyers will do well to consider doing so right away. Google just made the announcement, so many domains may still be available. But they won’t last long!.

Looking to make the switch to .esq? We’re happy to help. We’ve helped many law firms and lawyers with all their website needs including law firm SEO. We can ease your transition to the new domain u and ensure you reap all the benefits of making the switch. Contact us today to get started.


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