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Five Essential Digital Skills for Law Firms

by Talia Schwartz • September 12th, 2019 • Legal Marketing | Blog

Digital Skills For Law FirmsNavigating the digital industry as a law firm can be overwhelming. Check out these five digital skills for law firms that will get your firm started.


1. Video

Video is one of the most prominent tools in the digital world right now. According to MarTech, videos generally hold a viewer’s attention on retail sites for two minutes longer than other content. Additionally, clients are 80% more likely to retain your firm after viewing a detailed video on your services. On average, videos bring in higher engagement and better SEO rankings. While your firm doesn’t need to know everything about video production, consider getting trained on software like iMovie, Apple Final Cut Pro X, or Adobe Premiere Pro so that you are better equipped to produce quick and engaging videos for your audience. 

2. SEO & SEM

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are key concepts in all forms of digital marketing. Although a lot of these digital marketing concepts can become overly-technical, it is important to have a basic grasp on SEO and SEM in order to optimize all of your content in a successful digital marketing campaign. These concepts can inform your digital strategy when working with both data and content.  

3.Content Marketing

Content is at the forefront of digital marketing, therefore content marketing becomes a big player in your firm’s online presence. Content marketing is essential because you not only have to create high-quality and original content that is SEO-friendly, but you also have to understand how to get your audience to engage with your firm further. Make sure that you have a firm grasp on all aspects of content marketing from social media marketing to native ads. When you understand content marketing, you can push your content further online. Content marketing can also provide you with data and analytics so that you can improve future marketing campaigns to better serve your target audience. 

4. Data / Analytics

Monitoring and observing your content’s performance and reach through tools such as Google Analytics is a very simple and straightforward way to get real data on how your content is being received online. You can use this data to re-evaluate your digital marketing strategies, learn more about your client’s demographics and needs, and apply it to new methods that boost traffic and conversions. 

5. Stay Up to Date

This may seem simple but to maintain a successful and lucrative online presence, it is important to understand and be able to utilize major software, programs, and tools used commonly throughout the law industry. Most industries today are extremely technology-driven. That being said, your law firm must be ready to adapt to the ever-evolving technological ecosystem. Make sure your firm is familiar with the most up-to-date software and tools. 


Utilize video to encourage deeper engagement with your target audience. Make sure you are familiar with popular content marketing strategies and understand the basic digital skills for law firms like SEO and SEM to push your content further online. Monitor and track how your content is doing to better inform your strategies. Lastly, stay with the times and make sure your firm is up-to-date on popular software in the legal industry. Your law firm can adopt these five simple yet essential digital skills in an effort to grow your online presence, promote search traffic, and generate new leads and clients. 




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