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Facebook Tools for Law Firms to Improve Audience Engagement

by Kevin Vermeulen • August 27th, 2018 • Social Media | Blog

Facebook tools for law firmsLast week we discussed a few of our favorite tools for Twitter. Today, we’re talking about useful Facebook tools for law firms that make your marketing more effective on the platform.

We asked several top marketers what some of their favorite tools are for Facebook, the largest social network. There are so many to pick from, but here are the tools that kept coming up, that we think are worth checking out:


When it comes to Facebook advertising, video posts get three times the engagement of link posts. Native video is the top-performing type of content on Facebook. Having videos that are well put together and that people actually want to watch is key. Animoto has great templates, themes, and stock music that make creating beautiful and impactful videos easier. They also have a text overlay feature which is key because most video ads on Facebook are watched with the sound off.

Facebook Audience Insights

Though the amount of information being shared through audience insights is changing (see our blog here), there’s still a lot of value in the sheer amount of information that Facebook is able to collect. Use their tools to help understand and segment your audiences for better targeting across all of your marketing.


Wordswag is a very cool app that turns your clever ideas into innovative graphics. In just minutes you can turn quotes, images, or concepts into easily shareable graphics that look like they were produced by a professional. It’s very likely some of the most visually appealing content you’ve seen on Facebook was created here.

Facebook Messenger

This one is cheating a little bit, because it’s actually a part of Facebook. However, we’re counting it as critical because social media marketing is becoming increasingly personal. Your clients expect to be able to reach out to you on social and get a timely response – Messenger is great for that. With the recent introduction of bots, Messenger is going to be even easier to use and more relevant for firms looking to actually engage and converse with their clients and prospects.


This social media monitor is a great support beyond just Facebook. Brand24 provides a dashboard allowing marketers to see where the brand is mentioned and what clients are saying – sharing the good, and responding to the bad. You can also monitor your competition and possibly make yourself known to some clients or prospects that look like they need help or are being neglected by other firms.

There are hundreds of Facebook tools for law firms that can help you make the most of your social media efforts, and we know it can be difficult to mine through information about each and decide which might be useful to you. We hope these suggestions help you, but if you need more support just let us know. Our team can offer suggestions based on your existing strategy, or assist you in putting one into place.

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