Facebook Advertising for LawyersFacebook Advertising for Lawyers

74% of Facebook users are high-income earners. That statistic, along with many others, explain why the platform is a key one for business, including for law firms that are targeting consumers. In fact, Facebook advertising is now considered table-stakes for law firms and lawyers trying to attract consumers. Here are some tips will go beyond the basics and provide you with information on how to get the best results from this social media channel. 

Look at Audience Insights before beginning a campaign

It’s one thing to understand your audience in a broad sense – and another thing to drill down to a hyper-targeted look at your personas. Make it a point to dive into Facebook Audience Insights before building out your campaigns. Focus on current leads and clients, and use that information to build custom and lookalike audiences to gain traffic that is most likely to result in qualified leads. 

Effective retargeting leads to new clients

We live in a world in which we are bombarded with information and content . If you’re going to stay “top of mind” with your prospects, you will want make sure you’re reminding them of what you do and what problems or issues you can help them resolve. Start with your current list of contacts: upload a list based on email opt-ins and existing client data. Use this to create a lookalike audience to generate fresh leads. Another strategy that’s likely to lead to success is retargeting visitors who have already been to certain pages of your website. These are most likely to be the people who are really considering your firm but might need an extra push. Think about the information that is most likely to give them that push. Finally, you can even retarget people who have interacted with your content. That means if someone has watched a video or downloaded a white paper, you can leverage that knowledge to target them with relevant messaging. Be sure to implement the Facebook pixel for retargeting in order to achieve the best results. 

Create ads that speak to specific audiences

This might sound like an elaboration on the point above, but it’s important to reiterate how important segmentation is to Facebook advertising. You can literally set up campaigns for almost any demographic or interest. Use this flexibility to get creative. Take a step up from stock photos and engage with a designer to put together some options that really pop. User-generated content is also trending now, and things like reviews, testimonials and video go a long way toward building trust and credibility. 

Run split tests one variable at a time

When it comes to digital, it’s a great idea to test whatever you can. On Facebook, you can test several elements such as ad placement, goals, audiences, and creative. Try stacking a video versus using a carousel. Try two different ad placements, headlines, or photos. The options for what to test are almost limitless. Make sure to change only one component at a time, so that you can attribute performance differences to the correct thing. 

Manage inbound messages

When you set up your campaigns, you will choose an objective. Which one you choose will direct some of the activities that Facebook uses to optimize your ads. Do you want to simply boost traffic to your website, or are you hoping to generate actual leads? For many firms, gaining more inbound messages is an important goal since those can be treated as leads. If this is interesting to your firm, consider adding a Facebook Chatbot so that you can respond to inbound messages in a timely manner. Chatbots are an incredible tool that can make your life a lot easier. They can be programmed to respond the same way to each message, or adapted to address certain keywords. Some even leverage machine learning to adapt responses over time. 


As Facebook advertising for lawyers becomes more common, it’s important to understand the basics as well as more advanced optimization methods to increase your return on investment. Though Facebook advertising is an incredibly effective tool, as the competition increases, individual marketers will need to do more to stand out. If you need help with your Facebook advertising or your social media strategy please contact us today.

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