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Everything Law Firms Need to Know About the Latest Threads Updates

by Vondrae McCoy • January 30th, 2024 • Content Marketing, Social Media | Blog

In July of 2023, Meta-owned platform Threads was launched and quickly rocketed to over 100 million sign-ups in a matter of days. Unfortunately, users weren’t overly impressed with the limited features, and within a week, all of the engagement metrics that matter took a huge hit. The leaders behind the Twitter alternative took notice, and now new features and improvements abound. The platform is working on proving its staying power, and users say the interface has improved tremendously. 

In last week’s blog, we discussed strategies for law firms on X, formally Twitter, and what firms need to know about making the switch the Threads. So, if you’re ready to give Threads a try, here’s what legal marketers need to know about the latest functionality of Threads. 

  1. TagsInitially launched without hashtags, Threads uses “tags”, which are designed to help users dig deeper into the niches they care about. Unlike traditional hashtags on Instagram, tags work more like topics than a filtered search. There is no pound sign, and while users can have more than one word in the tag, there is only one tag allowed per post. The goal is to keep things simple and straightforward while helping users focus more on communities than just engagement. 
  2. SearchConsidered an essential feature on social media platforms, Threads didn’t have much of a search function originally. Now, users can search Threads on the web and mobile to find Threads users, tags, or words or phrases within posts. Just tap the magnifying glass in the mobile or desktop version, and as you type, suggestions of the users, posts, or tags that match your search will appear and you can choose one. 
  3. More post insights – Marketers can now get more information on their posts, including likes, reposts, and quotes. It’s important to know that the analytics available don’t quite measure up to some other platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. You are able to drill down and see the exact people who interacted with your posts, which can be helpful for understanding engagement and finding leads.
  4. Polls One of X’s (formerly Twitter) best features is the ability to create polls. It’s a simple and easy-to-use feature that lets you ask a question and offer four clickable choices for followers to choose from. All polls close automatically after 24 hours on Threads. To add a poll to a post, just start a thread and then click on the three horizontal lines in the composer on both the app and browser versions of Threads.
  5. Gifs – Sometimes, nothing can convey an idea quite like a gif. The ability to add gifs was an original feature of Threads and quickly became a popular option. Similar to polls, you can add a gif by tapping the paper and pen icon to start a thread, and then hit the gif sticky note icon to open the necessary integrations. 
  6. EditingOne of the biggest complaints about X is that there is no ability to edit tweets. Since users were pretty vocal about it, Threads was launched with the functionality to edit. In Threads, you can edit a post for up to five minutes after creating it, but you can’t add or remove media items. There’s also a timer so that you can see exactly how long you have to edit a post before it’s too late. To do so, just click on the three dots to the right of your post and you’ll see the edit button along with the timer. 
  7. Voice threads If you like voice notes, then you’ll enjoy this audio feature. Voice threads appear as an attachment within a thread, and can be listened to across the web and app versions (but can only be created within the mobile app). Click the microphone icon when you go to create a post in order to get started. 
  8. Browser version – Initially, Threads was app-only, which meant users couldn’t access it on their computers. However, they realized pretty quickly that there was significant demand for a web version that people could access on their desktops. Simply go to and log in with your account credentials. 
  9. Following functionShortly after Threads launched, users requested a following tab. Now, the app offers a “For you” feed, where their algorithm recommends content for you. There’s a separate “Following” feed, which shows posts from only people you follow. If you use a similar feature on Instagram, then this will come naturally to you on Threads. To find the Following feed, just tap on “Following” right at the top of the mobile app. 


These newer features have significantly improved the user experience of Threads, but they are only the start. It seems that the platform is set to introduce new APIs to work better with third-party tools, along with a few other improvements to make Threads more compatible with other social media options. If you need some guidance on making the most of Threads – or any social media platform – check in with our experts. We offer social media solutions that encourage engagement and generate new leads.


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