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How Employee Advocacy Can Boost a Law Firm’s Marketing Efforts

by Good2bSocial • June 14th, 2019 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Employee AdvocacyAmong the various tools up your sleeve when it comes to promoting your law firm, you should never overlook the importance of employee advocacy. A great deal of employee advocacy will take place over social media. Using social media, employees share their work culture, professional interests, or their job. To help cement the idea that employee advocacy should be part of your digital strategy, consider the following:

Messages Go Further

A study by MSLGroup found that when official brand channels share a message on social media, it does not go as far as when employees share it. In fact, employee-shared messages of this type go 561 percent further!

Increased Brand Recognition

It should not be surprising that brand recognition also increases when you encourage employee advocacy. After all, your law firm’s name is mentioned more often, increasing its exposure. Hinge Marketing found a specific figure for the rise in brand recognition from employee advocacy – 65 percent.

Increased Online Visibility

In addition to stronger brand recognition in general, employee advocacy also leads to improved online visibility. After you formally implement an employee advocacy program, online visibility can go up by 79 percent.

Brand Lift

Compared to paid media, earned media delivers four times the lift to your brand according to Bazaar Voice. Earned media includes referrals, peer-to-peer interactions, word-of-mouth, press, and employee advocacy.

More Engagement

Visibility and awareness are not the only factors that improve with an employee advocacy program. Social Media Today reports that employee-shared content leads to eight times the level of engagement as the same content shared by brand channels.

Higher Quality Leads

Even the number of conversions via social media marketing will increase with employee advocacy programs. The Marketing Advisory Network found that leads from employee social media marketing will convert seven times more frequently compared to leads coming in from other sources.

Influencing Purchasing Decisions

McKinsey found that between 20 and 50 percent of decisions to buy is driven by peer-to-peer marketing. Since employee advocacy falls into the category of peer-to-peer marketing, you can take advantage of this approach to draw in clients and make them purchase your services.

Low-cost and High Rewards

Employee advocacy programs cost very little but deliver very high rewards. Kredible determined that an employee advocacy program that has just 1,000 active participants is able to generate advertising valued at $1.9 million. Even scaled down for smaller law firms, this is still low-cost advertising. In fact, EveryoneSocial reports that an employee advocacy program costs around a tenth of a typical paid advertising program.


With so many ways that employee advocacy can boost your law firm’s marketing for a minimal effort, it is time to start creating an employee advocacy program if you have not already done so.


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