Employee advocacy social media tools for law firmsEmployee advocacy is one of the most effective forms of marketing. In fact, as we previously discussed, encouraging your employees to share company-related content can increase overall likes and shares by 30%. Yet, many firms still are not using this concept to its full potential. There are many social media management tools that can help facilitate employee advocacy within your firm. Here we compare Hootsuite Amplify, PostBeyond, and ClearView Social, three tools that can help partners, associates, and employees quickly share and amplify the firm’s content. 

Hootsuite Amplify

Most businesses on social media are familiar with Hootsuite, the most popular social media management platform. However, not all are aware of Hootsuite Amplify, an add-on meant to help employees share content. Amplify allows employees to send pre-approved company messages out to their own social networks. On Amplify, you can even promote specific campaigns by emailing employees and asking them to share specific posts.

If your company already uses Hootsuite, Hootsuite Amplify is a good choice to avoid having to learn a new platform or subscribe to a separate platform.


PostBeyond offers a lot of customization and flexibility when it comes to how and what you want your employees to share. One benefit of PostBeyond is that you are able to compile both company content and curated content into your email updates. When you create the posts that will be sent in your email update, you can choose which networks users are allowed to post each message on. PostBeyond also provides metrics to show how each post ranks and the dollar amount of total earned media value gained from your employee advocacy efforts.

ClearView Social

Many top law firms such as Crowell & Moring and Dechert utilize ClearView Social as the backbone to their employee advocacy initiatives. Founded by Adrian Dayton, who wrote several books on social media for lawyers, ClearView Social lets you create a queue of company articles that can in turn be shared by the entire team. Your team will recieve content suggestion emails based on your curation through ClearView Social. The measurement tools on the platform enable you to track which employees share and how many people are engaging with your shared content. This data allows you to analyze how employee advocacy is generating results for your law firm and will allow you to continue to set goals.


All three tools allow you to track top sharers within your firm which can be useful if you want to incentivize employees to share more. When your employees actively share company blog posts or podcasts among their own social networks, you are reaching exponentially more people than simply relying on your company’s Twitter or Facebook reach. Hootsuite Amplify, PostBeyond, and ClearView Social all make employee participation more achievable and  continuous part of your content marketing strategy.

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