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Digital Marketing Analytics for Law Firms

by Kevin Vermeulen • August 22nd, 2019 • Measurement and Analytics | Blog

digital marketing analytics for law firmsIn order to properly evaluate the performance of your online marketing efforts, it is important to ensure that you are measuring the right analytics. These analytics will help you pinpoint problems so you can come up with solutions tailored specifically to meet an issue. In addition, digital marketing analytics for law firms can show you the areas where you have the greatest potential for growth so that you can focus your efforts on them. Discover how law firms can merge web analytics and digital marketing analytics to improve the performance of their marketing efforts online.

Why Marketing Analytics Matter

To get the most from your analytics, you need to understand why they matter. With marketing analytics, you measure, analyze, and manage the performance of your digital marketing strategy. Your goal is to optimize the return on investment by maximizing the effectiveness of your efforts. With analytics, you can minimize waste in your marketing budget and use your time more efficiently. Analytics also help you create a detailed marketing plan based on data instead of guesswork. 

Why You Need to Measure Your Efforts

Your analytics should always include a measurement of your efforts. This is for one simple reason, sustainability. Essentially, you want to ensure that you do not put more time and money into marketing than you can get out of it. The good news is that your chosen marketing tool probably has analytics built-in, helping you measure your efforts. 

Web Analytics Can Measure Those Efforts 

Supplementing the built-in analytics with your marketing analytics is simple. Numerous websites offer web analytics tools, with Google AdWords being among the most famous and most popular. AdWords will show you the number of views of your ads, clicks, visits to the website, calls, and other metrics you input. This lets you easily see how your ads are working in real-time. Google AdWords even gives you tools to pause and restart campaigns.

Using KPIs

Evaluation of your efforts will come down to KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. You choose these criteria as measurements. As such, they let you see if you are meeting your goals. Your advertising platform should let you set the KPIs to meet your specific needs. Consider the following KPIs, as they are the most important for optimizing your campaigns:

  •     Sales Revenue: This KPI lets you confirm that your revenue from the campaign exceeds the expenses.
  •     Cost Per Conversion: Evaluating how much you pay for each conversion can also help you confirm that your marketing expenses are worth it.
  •     Online Marketing Return on Investment: It should go without saying that your return on investment will let you know whether your efforts are worth it.
  •     Form Conversion Rates: Moving away from money, form conversion rates help you determine how well your content marketing drives people to your law firm’s website and encourages them to take action. You can even use the combination of data from the forms and the form conversion rates to develop strategies that boost conversions.
  •     Reach on Social Media: Don’t forget to consider the conversions that you get from social media as one of your KPIs. This lets you determine which social media network is the best for you so that you can concentrate your efforts for the best ROI.


When it comes down to it, digital marketing analytics enable legal marketers to merge web analytics and digital marketing analytics to ultimately save time and money by focusing on marketing efforts on the areas where they are most effective. If your law firm is looking for a marketing agency that understands the importance of digital marketing analytics for law firms, contact us today. 

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