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Debunking Myths About Working with a Law Firm Marketing Agency

by Guy Alvarez • July 27th, 2023 • Legal Marketing | Blog

All too often we see law firms aren’t able to reach their full potential with marketing. However, they’ve exhausted their resources and the team’s bandwidth. This is when you know it’s time to bring in a marketing agency. However, many law firms are hesitant to jump to this conclusion because they don’t see the value in working with an agency. Won’t it cost too much money? Won’t our ROI be hurt by the amount of money we’re spending on this agency? Are there even agencies out there who truly understand law firm business development needs?

These questions plague the minds of many law firms and stop them from taking the first steps in the agency hiring process. We’re here to dispel those myths and many more. 

1. It Will be Too Costly and Hurt My ROI

Have you ever heard the old saying ‘you have to spend money to make money’? Well, that’s true even with marketing, and no, it isn’t just a ploy marketers use to try and get you to spend more. The average company in the US spends 5-25% of its revenue on marketing. There are many hidden costs that go into marketing. Nowadays, the top firms are investing in cutting-edge tools and technologies, graphic design, video production, copywriting, AI investments, social media management, and so much more. None of these tasks are easy to take on and may require you to hire more team members, specifically more advanced ones if you want to remain competitive. If you work with a law firm marketing agency, they will already have access to a wealth of tools, technologies, and professionals that can help you increase your marketing bandwidth without spending more of your budget. 

2. Agencies Have Long Turnaround Times

Many law firms think that working with an agency will only hurt them because now their marketing efforts are at the disposal of someone who is working with a variety of clients. Sure, there are some agencies out there with poor management and a lack of timeliness. However, there are many agencies that understand the complexities of project management. This is something you can weed out in the interview process by asking the agency how they will handle taking on a new client and how many clients their manager and team will be handling.

3. Marketing Agencies are Only for Large Law Firms

While many of the top law firms work with agencies, small, mid-size, and solo practitioners can also find value in working with an agency. As we mentioned, firms may actually save money by hiring an agency, rather than going through the process of hiring their own in-house team.

4. They Won’t Understand Law Firm Business Development Needs

There are nearly 14,000 marketing agencies in the US. These agencies all have a wide array of experiences, but there are niche agencies that understand the intricacies of law firm marketing. In fact, we have been working exclusively with law firms for many years. We understand the complexities of the law firm business development cycle and how marketing efforts should fit in with that.

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5. Only Big Agencies Can Handle our Needs

As we mentioned, for the legal industry, more niche may be better. If you focus on hiring a smaller agency that caters specifically to law firms, then you’ll be able to find one that actually understands your business on a deeper level.


There are many myths out there about law firm marketing agencies. However, the value in hiring a law firm marketing agency is clear once you dispel those myths. If you’re considering hiring an agency for your firm, reach out to us today. We’ve helped many law firms leverage marketing to generate more leads and clients.


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