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How Your Law Firm Can Create Better Content Using SEO Tools and Practices

by Noreen Fishman • March 22nd, 2018 • Content Marketing | Blog

Content Using SEOGood content is the heart and soul of a successful online marketing strategy. From text to images, videos, and overall layout, content can make or break an entire campaign. It is important to add value to an already large pool of information. You can’t just be echoing what everybody else is saying. You have to be original and offer a fresh perspective.

Content creators need to consider how to increase both traffic and sales. Growing the audience and raising awareness can’t be the only goal; your content needs to be essential. Eventually, you’ll become a go-to source for questions related to what you do.

Here are a few examples of how tools that are commonly used for SEO purposes can also help you to create better and more unique content.

Keyword Researh

No matter how well-written and informative your content is, if it doesn’t reach your target audience, it is bound to fail. Keywords help search engines pick up your content and include it in search results. The more specific your keywords are, the more likely it will be shown to the people you want to communicate with. Also, it is important to incorporate keywords naturally, yet consistently, throughout your content.

A good place to start with keywords is a keyword research site such as Most keyword research sites are free to use. You can enter the topic your content is about and they show you relevant keywords and how often they’ve been searched. This way, you will get an idea of what your target audience wants to know and how to answer their questions.

Grammar and Spelling Checker

There is nothing more embarrassing than finding grammar and spelling errors in a piece of content that is already published. Imagine receiving comments from readers correcting your grammar. That’s not a pretty picture.

Make sure to run your content, especially the text or any image that contain text, through a proofreading tool. You can use online tools such as Grammarly and WhiteSmoke. Most grammar-check websites also inspect run-on sentences, improper word use, and the like. However, manual proofreading and editing are still necessary because these tools aren’t 100% foolproof.

Plagiarism Checker

The Internet is basically a huge network of information and if you look long and well enough, you’ll find something about any topic you can think of. Because information is easily accessed and free most of the time, many people think it’s okay to reproduce content without adding value to it. This is why it’s important for any piece of content to go through plagiarism checkers, making sure each piece of content is not a mere copy of another.

Like grammar and spelling checkers, there are many websites that offer plagiarism checking services. There are free websites like or paid premium services like These sites work by comparing your draft with published content to see if yours is copied or spun.

You should be using a plagiarism checker regularly if you’re getting content for your site from outside sources. Even if you’re writing your own content, though, it can still be useful to check what you’ve written. You’d be surprised how easy it is to come up with sentences or even paragraphs that someone else has already published. The Internet is big. Checking your own work will help make sure that the content you publish is unique and doesn’t suffer from duplicate content problems in search results.

Great Multimedia and Visual Content

Nowadays, your content has to include well-designed graphics and good photos to catch your audience’s attention. It isn’t enough to give your readers information; content needs to be eye-catching as well. And, using an alt attribute for the image gives you another opportunity to add your target keyword to the piece of content.

Websites like Canva and can help even those of us who aren’t web or graphic designers. From infographics to charts, you can make professional and well-designed visual content for free or for a minimal fee. Free images websites like Pexels and Pixabay are also good sources of photos from professional photographers.

Keep creating good content and use SEO tools to create even better content, and to optimize the content so it gets found and read.

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