call tracking for law firmsIf you’re not familiar with call tracking, you could be missing out on a key way to strategically target clients and gain valuable insight that will help with your marketing and business development efforts. Here’s what you need to know.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking (otherwise known as call analytics, attribution, or intelligence) is a type of marketing analytics technology. Simply put, call tracking can help law firms understand how their digital, website, or marketing efforts drive inbound calls. Marketing teams can then use that information to optimize campaigns and website performance, so that the firm is able to generate the highest number of leads for the lowest possible costs.

Sound interesting? Here’s how it works. One-to-one call tracking generates unique phone numbers that can be assigned to different ads, emails, direct mail, or a specific marketing campaign. Marketers can then track the call volume – and perhaps, call quality – from each of these numbers. The goal is to understand the effectiveness of each channel or source.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) solutions place a piece of code on your website, which allows the phone number to be dynamically replaced for each visitor. Tracking these numbers provides key information about each website visitor such as how they found your site and what they viewed. Then when these individuals call, marketers or your business development team will have access to this information which can be extremely helpful for closing deals. This method is more about attributing and using information on calls from digital sources like SEO efforts.

Can call tracking help your law firm?

Marketing is becoming easier to quantify. As digital efforts increase, the ability to pull analytics has become more sophisticated. Often, the missing link is connecting these marketing efforts with inbound calls. It can be difficult to connect the client’s online and offline journeys.

Call tracking can be a great way to clear up some of this murky area. These solutions are helpful for proving ROI on marketing efforts, as well as arming your account managers with valuable information that can help them obtain clients. Additionally, you can take call tracking a step further and track conversions to better understand the full results of your campaigns and optimize your activities for even lower costs. A sophisticated call tracking program will include consideration of the best next step for a caller, leading to higher conversion rates on your marketing programs.

How do we see the call tracking information?

In addition to viewing analytics within your chosen call tracking provider, you can allow access to the caller’s information within your CRM. Some solutions even pass that information along to a call agent as the phone call comes in. For team members in front of a desktop, most solutions allow you to set up a pop-up functionality that will display the caller’s information.

Not only that, call tracking data integrates with Google Analytics and several other platforms like popular CRM systems. Doing so will allow your firm to track an entire customer journey and maximize the impact of each touch point.

Call Tracking Tools

Call Tracking Metrics

One call tracking tool is Call Tracking Metrics which offers call management, detailed call analytics and reporting features, and even text messaging management for firms that may have implemented text message marketing campaigns.


CallRail is a tool that allows you to measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns. It also enables your law firm to record conversations and even analyze those conversations to understand what drives conversion and to optimize future marketing efforts.


Another call tracking tool is NinjaCat which provides allows you to easily generate call tracking reports from a comprehensive dashboard.  Integrating call tracking with NinjaCat will combine call data along with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Analytics, and Facebook data into one. NinjaCat reports on the number of tracked calls you receive in a month as well as the channel they came in from.


We recommend call analytics for any firm hoping to get a better marketing ROI, have more powerful phone conversations, or maximize the effectiveness of their digital efforts. If you have more questions, or need some help choosing a provider, just ask!