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6 Ways to Boost Your Law Firm’s Blog Traffic

by Guy Alvarez • March 4th, 2019 • Digital Marketing | Blog

law firm's blogOne of the best ways to advertise your law firm and increase your business is via traffic to your blog. When people read your blog, they will be more likely to view you as an authority in the world of law and think of your firm when they need services. Follow these tips to boost traffic to your law firm’s blog.

Craft a Valuable Mega Post

One of the best things you can do is take the time to create a “mega post” that takes an in-depth look at complex topic in your industry. This would be a piece that is about 5,000 words or even a bit more that covers every aspect of a particular law topic. It will need a great deal of up-front effort and research, but will be shared many times. If you go a step farther by creating a mega post built upon original research and findings, your law firm will stand out as a go-to thought leader and expert on the subject matter.

Make Shareable Content

When deciding what type of content to create on your blog, try to ensure that it is highly shareable. There are various tools you can use to see which of your blog posts in the past year or so had the most shares. Look for a common theme or see if you can do something to revitalize the content, such as turning it into a podcast or video.

Craft a Blog Post Series

You can also work to build up momentum on your blog and get repeat visitors with a series of related blog posts. Figure out a core problem that will appeal to your readers and then divide it into several sub-topics. Let your readers (and clients) know that you will be releasing the blog series and get posting. To help it drive traffic even more, see if you can somehow incorporate a challenge to encourage engagement.

Use Your Email List

When used correctly, your email list can help your law firm bring traffic back up. Consider sending those on your email list a weekly newsletter with links to useful content such as FAQs, guides, articles, and infographics. Just remember not to go overboard with the emails featuring links to blogs; otherwise, people will get bored and unsubscribe.

Make Guest Content for Other Sites

When it comes to driving traffic to your law firm’s blog, you do not need to focus solely on building up the content on your blog. You should also make guest posts on other sites as this will deliver natural backlinks. Or create simpler guest content like answering relevant questions on Facebook or Twitter.

Fight for Something

You can also consider creating a blog post with more content by fighting for something. Choose a cause related to law and write about it on a regular basis, approaching it from a different angle to keep it interesting. Today corporate social responsibility is more important than ever which is why it’s essential your firm is in the know when it comes social issues, especially those related to the industries you serve. Showcase your law firm’s knowledge and compassion when it comes to these causes by writing blog posts that tackle relevant issues that your law firm finds important.


It can be frustrating when you invest time and money into a blog for your law firm only to have low readership and website visits. In order for content marketing to work, people need to read the content that you’re producing. These six tips will help drive the necessary traffic to your law firm’s blog which in the end will yield more paying clients. If your law firm needs help implementing any of these strategies to increase the effectiveness of its blog, please reach out to us for help.

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