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The Competitive Advantage of Interactive Content for Law Firms

by Good2bSocial • November 26th, 2018 • Content Marketing | Blog

interactive content for law firmsIn this year’s Social Law Firm Index, we highlighted the growing importance and adoption of interactive content for law firms. Interactive content can include quizzes, assessments, tools, and surveys and is one of the best ways for law firms to facilitate engagement across digital channels. This type of content can give law firms a competitive advantage when it comes to engaging with their target audiences.

Make your content stand out

In 2018 the digital space is oversaturated with traditional types of content and people can only consume so much. This is why it’s more important than ever for law firms to create engaging content that stands out from the rest. Among the law firms we evaluated in the 2018 Social Law Firm Index, Orrick stood out when it came to interactive content. On Orrick’s website you can find a free toolkit full of interactive assessments, calculators and guides. This type of content marketing differentiates the firm from competitors who only rely on blog posts. Further, these types of tools are incredibly useful to prospects and clients, adding value to their experience with the firm. With interactive content like this, you can provide clients with free information and showcase your firm’s expertise even before meeting with them.

Increase engagement

The average reader only spends 37 seconds reading an article which means firms need to find innovative ways to keep users’ attention. We found that 68 percent of law firms measure digital marketing success  based on increase in engagement. By definition, interactive content requires users to engage with your firm’s thought leadership material. Interactive content is usually so successful because it’s personalized to the participant. When people are taking an assessment to learn where they stand when it comes to next year’s taxes or taking a quiz to find out if they’re prepared for the process of divorce, they’re engaged because they’re expecting results customized for them. When law firms are able to effectively increase engagement, they are able to retain a prospect or client’s interest in the firm and its services. Many firms push out content, but not all firms receive their desired level of engagement which is how interactive content can offer a competitive edge.

Learn more about target audiences

Perhaps the most valuable advantage interactive content offers law firms is the ability to learn more about their target audiences. Surveys and polls can be mutually beneficial for both law firms and their target audiences. Using the data collected from surveys, law firms can produce lengthier thought leadership content like ebooks or reports based on original research. They can also discover your clients’ challenges, needs, and opinions on the survey or poll topics. In our 2018 research, we found that the law firm Lane Powell utilized polls on Twitter to ask followers about opinions of current events or questions they may have relating to a particular legal issue.  


Now more than ever, law firms need to create interactive content that acts as engaging and targeted resources for their clients. Interactive content is not only more appealing to users, but it can provide your law firm with instant and valuable data about your prospects and clients. If you need help integrating interactive content into your digital marketing strategy, contact us!

interactive content for law firms


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