Author: Beth Winstead

The Importance of Hashtag Research for Law Firms

Hashtags are at the core of many law firm’s strategy to expand their social media page’s presence and reach. Hashtags are one of the simplest things a firm can do to help get their posts in front of more eyes and form more connections with a wider audience. But not all hashtags are created equal. All […]

Top Content Marketing Blog Posts of 2023

Content marketing is vital for law firms. A strong content marketing strategy helps firms establish authority, educate clients, build trust, and enhance their online visibility. It differentiates firms from competitors, serving as a cost-effective lead-generation tool. By regularly publishing content, law firms stay top-of-mind for potential clients, influencing decisions and driving business growth in a […]

Top Legal Marketing Blog Posts of 2023

As we near the close of another impactful year, let’s reflect on the noteworthy content that graced our blog throughout 2023. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying attuned to pivotal subjects is not just advantageous but imperative for success. Our legal marketing blog has served as a conduit for insightful exploration, offering a broad […]