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13 Attorney Marketing Tactics that Work

by Kevin Vermeulen • March 7th, 2022 • Legal Marketing | Blog

There are so many channels and tactics that can bring your legal marketing vision to life. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to distinguish the impactful from the ones that are a waste of time. To help attorneys plan their best marketing, we’ve compiled this list of the most effective attorney marketing tactics to incorporate into your digital marketing efforts. 

Attorney Marketing Tactics

1. Brand Storytelling

When you’re trying to capture attention, telling stories is a good way to resonate. Our human brains are wired to seek out a narrative,attorney marketing so incorporating one into your online presence is smart. Leverage storytelling on your “About” page and consider applying storytelling in other content like video series and thought leadership. 

2. Digital PR

People spend more time on social media than ever before. Today’s PR professionals not only focus on getting media stories placed but also on driving traffic to websites and social media profiles. When considering collaborating with media outlets or journalists, look at which topics are performing well on social media. 

3. Podcasts

People are listening to online audio content more than ever before. The demand for valuable, high-quality content is real and timing is prime for law firms to leverage the trend. For more podcasting specifics, read our past post on the topic

4. Video Marketing

Video has become even more popular than blogs when it comes to content marketing. Video is flexible, helps with search optimization, and creates engagement. Savvy attorney marketing professionals are producing compelling video content at record rates. 

5. Optimizing Blog Titles

If you don’t have a great headline, people aren’t likely to read the rest of your content. Increasing the effectiveness of your titles is a good way to increase your click-through rates. When you plan titles, consider a few options, and don’t be afraid to test sometimes. 

6. “Pillar Cluster” Model

Google has evolved to understand topical connections across users’ queries. To make the most of this, try implementing a topic-based content strategy. In this model, you generate and organize content around certain topics, rather than keywords. Have one pillar page that is high level, and then link to cluster pages that dig deeper into the topic’s sub-pages. 

7. Historical Optimization

You’d be surprised how much traffic older blog content can drive. You can build on existing organic value by updating and republishing posts that are still relevant. This also helps blog creators to optimize for efficiency and decrease the amount of content that needs to be created. 

8. Retargeting

Attracting new audiences is important, but so is enhancing the profitability of audiences you’ve already acquired. While retargeting is an underutilized tactic, it’s a good way to remind people of their initial interest and increase the likelihood that they return to your site. 

9. “Skyscraper” SEO Method

High-quality links are vital to your SEO activity. One way to build these links is to use an SEO strategy that builds on other content. Using this methodology, you can find content that is ranking well for your primary keywords, and then develop content that is even better. Then, use various SEO tools to find sites that have linked to your competitor’s content and reach out to them to see if they are willing to replace those links with your own. 

10. A/B Testing for Calls-to-action

Buttons that send people forms or enroll them in your email communications are essential for lead generation. That’s why it’s a good idea to test them occasionally to make sure performance is optimized. Try testing between two CTA items simultaneously to see which one works better. 

11. Truly Valuable Emails

Email can be really powerful for gaining and nurturing leads. But since people get so many emails, it’s important to do what you can to entice them to keep opening yours. Send emails that provide helpful, high-quality information that can assist people in some way if you want to build a loyal and engaged audience. 

12. Audience Segmentation

Creating more personalized experiences is a great way to improve your lead nurturing strategy. Think about how you can send the right content to the right person at the right time. To properly segment your database, you’ll need a CRM system. For example, HubSpot enables marketers to gather information about visitors and then create lists based on that information so that they can send more targeted communications. 

13. Marketing Automation

Taking audience segmentation a step further, marketing automation uses technology to eliminate manual actions and trigger repetitive or programmable functionality in an automatic way. These principles are typically applied to CRM and email marketing activities at scale. Use marketing automation to create lead nurturing campaigns, auto-responder sequences, event reminders, re-engagement efforts, client welcome programs, and more. 


Chances are, there is room to improve on your digital marketing efforts. Even if your marketing function is a smooth-running machine at this point, it’s worth your time to focus on innovation and new ways of reaching leads. Start by reviewing this list and thinking about which attorney marketing tactics you can implement in the near term to drive better results. For assistance in building out an effective digital marketing strategy, contact us today for a free consultation. 


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