paid social media marketing for law firmsIn the past, paid social media marketing for law firms did not make sense. Just a few years ago, this type of marketing was considered a waste of money since organic social media marketing was sufficient. Simply creating social media accounts and being active on them used to be enough for law firms.

However, the landscape has changed over the years, and that is no longer the case. Now, it makes sense to include some element of paid social media marketing in your law firm’s advertising.

Why It Wasn’t Necessary Before

If you look online for advice concerning paid social media marketing for law firms, you may find several reasons to avoid it. Pay attention to the date on the articles offering this advice; most will be at least a few years old. In the past, attorneys worried that paid advertising would minimize the sense of trust and authenticity. Admittedly, paid social marketing often wasn’t necessary since other social media strategies were enough.

A few years ago, quality was much more important than quantity. Now, you must have both. In addition, sponsored social media posts are so common that social media users no longer see paid ads as an indication that the advertiser is unauthentic or untrustworthy.

Exploring Advantages of Paid Social for Law Firms

Law firms that take advantage of paid social advertising will notice several key benefits. This starts with the fact that it only takes minutes to set up your ad on LinkedIn or Facebook, so you can start seeing a return on investment right away.

The ease of using social media ads also extends to the timeline; you can run an ad for as long or as short of a time as you want. There usually are no minimum commitments of the extreme nature you will find with TV ads, making it easier to stick to your budget. This also lets you stop the ad campaign if it is clear that it has not done anything for you.

One of the most crucial factors of paid social is the ability to target your audience. Instead of having to display your ads to everyone, you can choose the specific demographic that views it. For example, Facebook lets you target ads based on language, location, age, gender, education, interests, connections, and behaviors.

How to Use Paid Social

To get the most from paid social for your law firm, work toward a few key goals. You want to increase your brand awareness with something like a short video. Promote the practice areas, such as those that are currently making headlines. You can run an ad specific to the current headlines for just a few days thanks to the flexibility of social media. You should also look to target specific clients or types of cases.

To figure out what strategies will work best for your law firm, look at how other attorneys use paid social and manage their presence on social media.

Paid Social on Facebook

While most social networks offer the ability to promote your content through paid advertising, each platform has different advantages. If your law firm is targeting consumers, Facebook might be the right choice to start a paid social campaign. Facebook has an average cost per click ranging from about $.20 up to $2.00. With high competition, bidding can go much higher, but these are the prices you’re likely to find in general.

Overall, Facebook’s major plus is the ability to laser target advertising to the exact consumer audience you want to reach. The biggest drawback is that sometimes their algorithms can seem a bit random and make it difficult to get a new campaign running successfully.

Paid Social on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn can be a bit more expensive than Facebook when it comes to advertising, it’s the number one contender when it comes to paid social for law firms targeting corporations. LinkedIn’s biggest advantage is the ability to reach business professionals. If your firm or company targets businesses or professionals, you’ll be able to get your messages in front of the decision makers at companies all over the world. You can even choose specific job titles, industries, company size, location and several other forms of targeting.


While organic promotion of your law firm’s content on social media was once enough to gain brand awareness and generate leads, the saturation of businesses in the digital space has increased the need for paid social media marketing for law firms. Paid social allows for law firms to expand their content’s reach and generate new clients. If your law firm needs help implementing a paid social media strategy, contact us for a free consultation.

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