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A Checklist for Your Law Firm LinkedIn Company Page

by Good2bSocial • January 14th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

law firm linkedinLinkedIn is widely known as the most important social and communication platform for professionals. Not only does it allow you to build credibility for your company and brand, it’s a great tool for networking and marketing. Are you using it effectively?

At the start of the new year, why not make a resolution to start things off right by running through our quick checklist to ensure your law firm LinkedIn presence is poised for success?

To begin, there are three basics you need to make sure you have covered before you dig any deeper into LinkedIn tactics.

  1. A Personal profile – chances are you have one of these, but if not, it’s time to create one. This is where you can highlight credentials, key client testimonials, relevant associations and work, and legal specialties.
  2. Your Company page – even if you have a robust personal page, you should set up a law firm LinkedIn company page to focus on firm business, company culture, job openings, and thought leadership. This will serve as more of a marketing and sales tool, and a vehicle for content sharing rather than a place to make personal connections.
  3. Followers – this is where many businesses are lacking. If you don’t have a current following, make it part of your strategy to build followers.

If you have those bases covered, take a look at each of these items to make sure you’re properly prepared to do your best business in the new year.

  1. Brand Review and Refresh. Take a look at your page and the graphic elements. Is everything consistent and on brand? This is especially important if your law firm has changed strategy or gone through a website update recently.
  2. LinkedIn Page Admins. You should always have at least one admin for your page. It’s extra helpful if they have a marketing mindset! If you need to set that up, you can check these LinkedIn instructions.
  3. Employee Associations. It’s a best practice for all employees on LinkedIn to be linked to the company. Pull a list of employees, look at their LinkedIn, and ensure they are properly linked for visibility (if they are willing to do so).
  4. Page Demographics. LinkedIn provides lots of great information that can help with your campaigns or efforts to build a following. Familiarize yourself with the proper metrics to understand where you’re successful and where you need to add efforts.
  5. Follower and Content Strategies. These are symbiotic, but should address your specific goals. Pages that have a large following, post valuable content and share information that keeps people interested. Start the year with a promise to potential followers about what they can expect from your company page. As part of a comprehensive strategy for creating relevant content and adding new followers, add your page information to email signatures and other social platforms.


Running through this checklist is just the first step! The next phase involves taking action – whether that be developing a new company page, creating more content, or committing to share more with followers. If you need help with any of those tactics, reach out to us. We want to help you start 2019 on the right foot!

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