Videos Every Law Firm NeedsVideo is becoming more than a “nice to have” – it’s essential for law firm marketing. Video not only gains interest across more channels, but it can also add credibility to your content. Production value doesn’t matter as much as the information presented – if you can provide value and education to your audience, they will be happy to engage with your videos. To that end, we’ve put together a list of topics that make great video content. If you’re stumped when it comes to subject matter, take a look at the following list of 8 topics for law firm videos.

8 Types of Videos Every Law Firm Needs

1. A client testimonial

Getting a client to share why they trust you can mean a lot to prospects or new clients. It’s a form of social proof, which plays a huge role in a potential client’s decision process. When possible, you want to share specific and tangible results. You can do this through brief case studies, a collaborative exchange such as a Q & A with a current client, or by asking a previous client to share a quote via a clip. 

2. “Explainer” videos

This type of video can drive a lot of engagement, but you need to have a strategy before posting. What is the goal of the video? Who is the audience? Really think about the problems your readers are facing, and how to break down the steps that address those problems. Then, shape your story around those components. Explainer videos are a great place to add other media. You can use infographics, animation or live action to walk people through the steps you’re talking about. 

3. Social media video

If you’re active on social (and you should be) then you can pull some fodder from there for short videos. Consider items that you’ve posted on social – such as behind the scenes or Q & A items – and link to them and elaborate in video content. If you’re featuring something timely on social, such as an upcoming webinar or sharing an award your firm won – elaborate on that material and create a quick clip that your social media posts can link to. 

4. A website video

When people are making a decision about which firm to work with, they want to get a feel for your attorney’s personalities, your culture and mission statement, and what you stand for. Providing this information on the homepage or “about us” page in a quick and efficient way is helpful for website visitors. Apply a personal touch to your videos and ensure that content is genuine, personable, and helpful. For example, you might have the founder of your firm share why he or she started their own company, or highlight a non-profit your firm is passionate about and why. 

5. Tips video

Who doesn’t love getting tips from experts? Videos with specific tactics can live as extra content on your website and further explain things that your clients may have questions on. For example, if you’re a DUI attorney, you could walk people through the “dos and don’ts” of a traffic stop. A custody attorney can lay out the different stages of a typical custody case. You don’t have to take a deep dive into every subject, but providing helpful information is a great place to start and begins building trust with your client base. Share these videos to social media or to your email database.

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6. Attorney bio videos

In these videos, you’ll share professional as well as personal information on your firm’s lawyers. Viewers will be interested in an attorney’s background, experience, education, family life, and hobbies. This helps personalize your attorneys and humanize your brand, so that individuals feel more comfortable before they even meet your staff. You can even incorporate photos of the attorney featured for a more engaging approach. We suggest posting these to social media and to the individual attorney’s bio page on the website.

7. Paralegal insights

These professionals are a key part of any law firm. In many cases, clients interact with a paralegal more than their attorney. That’s why it’s important for paralegals to create their own thought leadership. Ask paralegals to choose a topic they’re passionate about and create a video that highlights their unique expertise and perspective. 

8. Podcast teaser

Promote audio snippets from podcasts, radio shows, etc. using video. There are tools available (such as Wavve) that can turn your audio into custom-branded, animated marketing videos for social sharing. Doing so is a great way to generate interest in your podcast and promote your latest topics and speakers.

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Online video has become an increasingly important part of an overall digital marketing strategy, and for good reason. When done right, video can help your law firm be found online, strengthen relationships with your audience, and provide credibility that is essential in the legal world.

Do you need help creating compelling videos or putting together a video marketing strategy that strengthens relationships with your future clients? Reach out to us for help.