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7 Ways for Law Firms to Use Fleets (Twitter’s Disappearing Tweets)

by Ethan Mcrae • March 24th, 2021 • Social Media | Blog

Ways for Law Firms to Use FleetsHow familiar are you with Twitter Fleets? The disappearing tweets feature enabled last year has received mixed reviews, with some people using them heavily and others not knowing what they are. Short-term content such as Instagram and Facebook Stories and Snapchat activity have become more popular over the past couple years. Just like Stories, Fleets are Twitter posts that are temporary and disappear after 24 hours – and we think they’re quite effective for law firms striving to achieve heightened reach and engagement on Twitter. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how you can leverage Twitter Fleets within your law firm’s social media marketing strategy.

An Overview of Twitter Fleets

Fleets are only postable and visible on Twitter mobile apps. Right now, they’re not available as a desktop feature. Fleets can be text, GIFs, or video, and you can also “fleet” your reaction to another tweet. They can be customized with a variety of text or background colors and fonts. Many people like them for the same reasons they enjoy disappearing stories on other platforms: the pressure to rack up likes and engagement is gone, and so is the worry over populating your feed.

How can law firms effectively leverage Twitter Fleets? 

Clients have come to expect – and want – authentic interactions with law firms they work with. Fleets can help you to create those interactions and personalize your brand in a low-risk way. Take a look at these seven ways law firms can use Fleets to boost their business.

1. Share timely updates

Whether it’s an upcoming webinar or fireside chat, keep your audience up to date with the latest news and events your firm is hosting or involved in. Because a Fleet will stay at the top of your followers’ timelines all day long, it’s a sure way to keep your content from being missed. 

2. Engage with your followers

Share Fleets of your live event, share a funny meme, or start a conversation with your audiences. Capture your fans’ eyes with photos, videos, and bold text options. You can also encourage audience participation and engagement by asking them to share their own content — which you can share through additional Fleets — or by allowing them to reply directly to yours. 

3. Celebrate your brand advocates

Speaking of participation, Fleets let you take the like to a new level and shout-out Tweets from your biggest supporters. If a client posted about how happy they are with your services or recent event, you can share it with appreciation in a Fleet without seeming overly self-promotional. You’ll not only make your client feel special, but you’ll also show your followers that you value your clients.

4. Share behind-the-scenes content

Share more casual content that gives a feel for your firm’s culture. Videos showing what a day in the office looks like, a short anecdote from an attorney, or highlights from a recent charitable effort all help to personalize your brand and let people see what your firm stands for. 

5. Elevate your Tweets

Fleets take prime real estate on your follower’s Twitter feeds. Share important Tweets on a Fleet too, to make sure it’s getting maximum attention. 

6. Cover live events

Eventually, we will gather in person again and events are important for legal marketing. Giving real-time updates from events such as conferences or panels is helpful, but can clutter up your Twitter feeds. If you’d like to simply share a few key takeaways while the event is going on, Fleets are perfect. 

7. Add further information about complex topics

Tweets need to be short and sweet, but Fleets can use more robust video or graphic options. Create a variety of valuable, easy-to-digest content that you can use to garner interest in bigger thought leadership pieces. 


Twitter is still a social media powerhouse for law firms, and adding Fleets makes your profile relevant and accessible. Try some of the tactics above to promote your firm on Twitter without adding permanent content to your feed. Your audience will appreciate being able to engage with you on a new channel, and disappearing content is an innovative way to stay top of mind. For more tips on social media success, make sure to follow us on Twitter!

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