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7 Simple Attorney Marketing Hacks

by Guy Alvarez • June 21st, 2022 • Legal Marketing | Blog

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Every year we learn about new strategies and tactics to help best position your firm online. However, when it comes to boosting online performance, there are a few practices that are tried and true. Here are some attorney marketing hacks that firms of any size can implement in order to get their websites to rank higher on SERPs and make the most of their web traffic. 

Attorney Marketing Hacksattorney marketing

1. Optimize email strategy

A Hubspot study found that email results in the highest return on investment for marketers. This is particularly true for marketers who segment their email database into lists based on different criteria.  Marketing automation takes things a step further and sends targeted communications based on certain triggers. You can set up campaigns based on web activity, such as visiting a particular web page. This will encourage return traffic and higher engagement. 

To learn more about how marketing automation can take your firm’s marketing to the next level, check out this free webinar: What Is Marketing Automation and How Can It Benefit Your Firm?

2. Keep “AIDA” in Mind

This acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. This concept has been around for a while, but is still relevant and should be considered in your marketing strategy. As you develop marketing activities, think about how to grab your reader’s attention, create a sense of need and urgency, create an emotional response, and provide a solution to their problems. Every marketing tactic should have this principle at the forefront and aim to evoke one of these reactions. 

3. Invest in Video Marketing

Videos have become an essential element of digital marketing and that trend is expected to amplify in the coming years. Smart marketers are always finding new ways to engage their audience using video. Right now, live and branded videos are two popular forms of content. People like live videos because they happen in real-time and allow them to be part of the conversation. Consider a video that explains complex topics in simple terms or a how-to that provides step-by-step instructions for a process. To generate more web traffic, create videos of informational content on topics centered on keywords. Address problems or questions that your audience is facing. Make sure to optimize on YouTube with keywords, and pay particular attention to titles and headings. 

4. Create Content that Engages

Content marketing is crucial for any attorney marketing strategy, but it’s become so popular that simply informing your audience isn’t enough. Look for ways to develop novel content that encourages your visitors to interact with your firm. Along with traditional content like blogs or eBooks, try developing polls or quizzes where people can share their opinion. You might conduct a study with the promise to share the results with respondents. Expiring content – content that is only viewable for a short period of time – is also becoming more popular. Create short, interesting videos answering viewer questions or providing live updates from events. 

5. Understand Branding

Branding and marketing are related activities, but they are not the same. As far as your target audience is concerned, your brand isn’t just the services you provide, but your logo, website design, and messaging. Your brand is how people perceive your firm across all platforms. Digital marketing is a practice that reinforces your brand across online channels. Marketing efforts should enhance branding, but they can’t stop there. Use digital channels to create a community of loyal followers and not just promote your services. 

6. Use Local Services Ads

LSAs are pay-per-lead advertising that appears at the top of Google search results. In this format, you don’t pay for clicks, but for leads that are relevant to your business. To use local services ads, you set a weekly budget that’s based on the average amount of leads you expect to get. There is the option of disputing leads if you don’t believe that they’re relevant or useful. Most people find it pretty easy to set up LSA campaigns and begin to optimize them. 

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7. Focus on Searcher Intent

SEO has changed dramatically over the past few years. While there is still a science around using certain practices to rank higher with search engines, search engines themselves have become more sophisticated. They now differentiate results based on what they deem to be most helpful to the searcher. To learn more about how to optimize for searcher intent, read this post


The past is constantly informing the future, and we can use tactics that have been successful in the past to help us optimize new efforts. Start by implementing a few of these attorney marketing practices which have been known to work for firms of all sizes. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to get new insights and updates on trends every week.  

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