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7 Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising for Law Firms

by Noreen Fishman • September 21st, 2020 • Social Media | Blog

LinkedIn Advertising for Law FirmsLinkedIn has a huge and continually growing audience. Did you know that included in that audience is over 60 million decision-makers, 90 million senior-level influencers, and 10 million members of the C-suite? Suffice it to say, if you’re trying to gain more business using social platforms, LinkedIn is a good place to start. There are further benefits to advertising on LinkedIn though. Beyond audience size and reach, here are several reasons why smart law firms are using LinkedIn advertising to grow their business. 

1. The previously mentioned huge audience.

LinkedIn not only has over half a billion users, they share a tremendous amount of useful information, including geographic location, job roles, skills, interests, and more. Furthermore, since LinkedIn is a useful tool for many professions, you can expect this information to be regularly updated and accurate in ways that other social channels don’t encourage.

2. There’s a variety of ads to choose from.

Many firms enjoy the versatility of advertising options on LinkedIn. With the ability to use text, images, or video across different formats like carousel ads, message ads, and more, you can create ads with specific goals in mind. For instance, with message ads, you can send direct messages to your prospect’s inbox to spark immediate action. Before you launch your campaign, review the different ad formats to find the best one for you. And for a more thorough guide on the types of ads available and how to use each, read our past post on all things LinkedIn advertising for law firms.

3. Targeting with high degrees of accuracy.

Many advertisers love LinkedIn because of the ability to get extremely specific in targeting. You can target users by location, job title, company name (helpful for Account Based Marketing), industry, education, interests, and more. You can easily narrow your advertising efforts down to people who matter the most – those that are most likely to be interested in your services. 

4. The ability to customize budgets.

Traditional advertising requires upfront payment of set amounts. With LinkedIn, you can tailor the investment to your needs and budget. Your firm is able to change bids in response to campaign performance, allowing you to take a more active role. It’s worth noting that there is a minimum pricing required, though they usually end up helping the performance of campaigns. 

5. The power of personalization.

When it comes to marketing, 72% of consumers say they will only engage with personalized messaging. Since LinkedIn offers such extensive demographic and professional details, you can customize messaging in several different ways. Tailor messaging to address people’s specific job role, skills or interest. For example, when sending an InMail, don’t just use the person’s name – mention a challenge that their industry in particular is facing. 

6. Support account based marketing (ABM) efforts.

If your firm leverages ABM, which focuses on targeting specific accounts or clients with a dedicated campaign, there’s lots of ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage. The platform is essentially designed to support this type of marketing. Your team can prepare and upload an account list, and then match it with the personal information LinkedIn provides. Since you can narrow down by a user’s name, title, and company, it’s easier to align campaign activity with specific targets. See: The Law Firm Guide to LinkedIn Matched Audiences: LinkedIn’s Secret Advertising Weapon.

7. High quality leads.

Law firms are able to generate some serious interest on LinkedIn. Because the decision to choose a lawyer can take longer than other purchasing choices, it’s essential to reach decision-makers where they “live” and then target them with information that resonates. LinkedIn allows advertisers to do both. Furthermore, when people use LinkedIn, they are in more of a “business” mindset than when they use other social platforms like, say, Facebook. That means each lead is a little bit “warmer” than if they were found elsewhere. Leads that you generate on LinkedIn are more likely to be in the right frame of mind for you to reach them with your law firm’s marketing messaging.


If you’ve ever wondered “why should law firms advertise on LinkedIn?” you should now have some answers. While smaller than other social media networks, it provides a degree of targeting and accuracy that other platforms can’t match.

If you need help building out a LinkedIn advertising strategy for your law firm, reach out to us today. We have vast experience helping lawyers and law firms achieve measurable success through LinkedIn advertising.

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