Law Firm Guide to LinkedIn LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offers a robust platform for law firms to reach existing and potential clients. Particularly, LinkedIn Matched Audiences is a set of targeting options that enable you to to combine your law firm data with LinkedIn’s professional data. These custom targeting options on paid LinkedIn allow your firm to connect with website visitors, key accounts, or mailing lists for hyper-targeted marketing that is more likely to generate new clients. Here’s how.

What are LinkedIn matched audiences?

Whether you want to nurture warm leads, advertise to specific companies, re-engage those who have visited your site, or find more people who match an audience already familiar with your law firm, customizing your ad targeting can help. LinkedIn Matched Audiences is a set of targeting options to combine your law firm’s first-party data with LinkedIn’s professional data. This results in a more powerful marketing strategy that builds on what you’re already doing.

Matched Audiences includes Contact Targeting, Account Targeting, Website Retargeting and Lookalike Targeting. Here’s our guide on how your law firm can use all four LinkedIn Matched Audience options.

1. Contact Targeting

The Contact Targeting feature lets you market to people in your contact database. The feature lets you upload up to 300,000 email addresses to target on LinkedIn, similar to the way Custom Audiences work on Facebook. LinkedIn has a detailed guide to using CRMs to leverage matched audiences, which you can find here.

2. Account Targeting

With the account targeting feature, you can upload a list of up to 300,000 target companies you want to see your advertising. Even more specifically, you can layer on additional professional demographic targeting such as job title or seniority to narrow down your audience even further. Account based marketing programs like these present one of the best ways to better align marketing and business development.

3. Website Retargeting

Website retargeting gives marketers the opportunity to serve ads to audiences that have already visited your site, tracked by a LinkedIn Insight Tag placed to your law firm’s website. This technique allows you to segment website visitors and define audiences by the pages they visited on your site, and then tailor ad content to reactivate interest.

4. Lookalike Targeting

Lookalike audiences help you find new professional audiences similar to your existing clients, website visitors and target accounts. You can create a Lookalike Audience of up to 15 times the size of your original list. In these cases, the original Matched Audiences segment will not be included in your new Lookalike Audience. Consider creating a Lookalike Audience from your website’s homepage visitors for brand awareness campaigns or one from lead page visitors for lower-funnel initiatives.

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There you have it – our law firm guide to LinkedIn Matched Audiences. Now that you know what LinkedIn Matched Audiences are and how to use them for your law firm, you’re ready to leverage all of the marketing power that LinkedIn has to offer. If you want to retarget website visitors, specific people or accounts, it is all possible on LinkedIn. Follow our step-by-step instructions to get started.

If you need help building out a LinkedIn advertising strategy or adjusting current initiatives, reach out to us today. We have vast experience helping lawyers and law firms achieve measurable success through LinkedIn advertising.

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