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6 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Law Firm’s Content

by Alanna Fichtel • February 25th, 2019 • Content Marketing | Blog

law firm's contentYour law firm likely spends a great deal of time creating and curating content for its website in order to provide current and prospective clients with answers to their legal questions and showcase your expertise. With all the time and effort your firm puts into perfecting its content, you want the content to actually be viewed, and that unfortunately does not come naturally. Below are several steps you can take to increase viewership of your law firm’s content and hopefully generate new leads.

Advertise on Social Media

Social media is a necessary portion of law firm advertising, but not only in terms of establishing a presence on these platforms. Using paid social to advertise content on your website is indeed an effective way to get more people to read your content. The most common platforms for paid social are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and there are pros and cons to each that your firm should be aware of. But whichever platform you advertise on, choose wisely when deciding what content to promote and to whom to promote it: choose high-value content that is likely to drive leads such as eBooks and webinars, and make sure you are promoting to individuals and businesses as appropriate.

Utilize Multiple Forms of Content

Some content is best developed and received in written form, but when content can lend itself to more creative presentation, take advantage of the opportunity. For example, videos work well for discussing FAQs on a legal topic, getting to know your firm’s attorneys, and showcasing client testimonials. Many law firms also record podcasts featuring thought-leadership discussions between their attorneys or interviewing industry leaders. Finally, interactive content such as surveys, guides and assessments can help keep viewers engaged with the content they are reading or watching on your site.

Use Relevant Keywords

In terms of SEO, keywords are what increase your firm’s rankings in search engines. However, it is important that the content tied to these keywords is actually relevant to what users are searching for. If a page on your site pops up in a search for a certain keyword but the content itself doesn’t relate to the keyword, frustrated users will quickly leave your page. While your ranking might be high for certain keywords, a high bounce rate means users aren’t engaging with your content. To get users to read your content, make sure your keywords aren’t misleading.

Repurpose Past (Successful) Content

When your firm writes or creates a great piece of content that attracts a lot of views and leads, it shouldn’t be forgotten about after that. It is perfectly acceptable to repost the same blog article or content piece either on its own, as part of a “Top 10” post, or larger compilation such as an eBook. It may reach viewers who missed it the first time or even target a new audience. Alternatively, content that was well received could be repackaged into a different format. For example, creating a video or podcast on the same topic as a successful blog post is an efficient way to generate “new” content in a more engaging manner.

Feature Client Reviews and Testimonials

We have previously written about client testimonials and how important they are to your law firm’s marketing strategy. If you aren’t already using client testimonials to get more people to view your content, consider this: it’s free advertising! Clients that had a positive experience with your firm may be willing to share feedback. When done correctly, testimonials give potential new clients an unbiased view of the kind of service your firm provides and helps to build their trust. If they trust your firm’s knowledge and expertise, viewers will be more likely to read your content.

Optimize for Mobile

In today’s digital age, with the majority of people performing online searches from their phones, it is essential that your law firm’s website and its content is accessible from mobile devices. Content that is not viewable on a mobile device gives potential clients a quick reason to abandon your site and search for information elsewhere. You can easily check how mobile-friendly your site is by visiting it on your own device, or using Google’s testing tool that lets you know how easily your page can be viewed on a mobile device. Mobile optimization today also includes audio search – making sure some content on your site can be found through voice search can help get more viewers to this content as well.


Sometimes, getting people to view your content seems harder than actually producing the content. But there are simple steps your law firm can take so that your content marketing efforts pay off in terms of views and leads. Follow these tips to start seeing better results, or reach out to us for a consultation.  

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