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4 Digital Marketing Strategies for Every Law Firm

by Kevin Vermeulen • September 16th, 2019 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies

Today’s online landscape presents more opportunities than ever for savvy legal marketers. However, that doesn’t mean there’s not a science to making smart digital moves to earn more clients. With search engine results pages (SERP’s) getting more complex and digital options increasing, it can be difficult to know which digital marketing strategies your law firm should be using and focusing on.

That’s why we’ve put together our thoughts on the 4 law firm digital marketing strategies that any law firm CMO, Marketing Manager, or self-promoting lawyer should be using today. These tactics are most relevant to the legal industry in particular, and pack a significant punch given the effort required. 


1. Get Great Reviews

More than in most fields, reviews are essential for the legal industry. Multiple studies have shown that reviews play a really important role in influencing client choices. In the legal field, reputations can make or break a firm, and word-of-mouth is huge for business development. Think of reviews as digital word-of-mouth. Seek to obtain reviews for your website, on your Google profile, on Facebook, and on industry websites. That being said, you can’t just hope past clients will leave you reviews. Try requesting them in case-closing letters, during in-person meetings, or even via text by sending them a link directly to your Google page. 

2. Optimize Your Website

A slow website or one that is difficult to navigate isn’t going to cut it. Having a well-designed website with great content is important, but adhering to technical best practices is equally critical. It’s key that your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly, since people tend to look at websites on multiple devices. Your number one priority should be ensuring the site works across any device. Then, take a look at your loading speed and do what you can to make your site faster. Also consider making the site ADA compliant. For tips on making your site accessible to someone with a disability, check out the ADA guidelines

3. Focus on Valuable Content

Law firms essentially exist to provide advice. Who is going to ask for advice from someone that hasn’t demonstrated substantial subject matter expertise? Using blog posts and website content to share thought leadership is one way to position your law firm as a go-to resource. Creating helpful content – and being mindful of the way that potential clients search for information online – will help direct people to your site. Blog content will help you to share information about the experts in your firm as well as give you an avenue to leverage keyword research and boost SEO. 

4. Obtain High-Quality Links

Link building is an important component of SEO. Every time another website links to your own law firm’s website, it’s a signal to search engines that your website offers valuable information. Not all links are created equal, and you need the right links to further your SEO efforts. You’ll need to spend time on outreach, building relationships, and possibly even a monetary investment. Focus on offering interviews and relevant information to local news sources and industry-specific directories and information repositories. For more tips on how exactly to get these all-important links, check out our past post

Prioritizing these four law firm digital marketing strategies will enable you to improve your website authority, helping you to grow your practice and generate more business online. Knowing you need to implement these strategies is one thing – having the bandwidth to do them is another. If your firm needs assistance with any digital efforts, reach out to us




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