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20 of the Best Tips for Marketing Law Firms

by Kevin Vermeulen • July 29th, 2022 • Legal Marketing | Blog

Effective marketing is key to the growth of your law firm. However, what constitutes “effective” marketing is always changing and evolving. It’s important to stay on top of marketing fundamentals, as well as the latest trends. Our experts have compiled some of their favorite tips for marketing law firms. 

Tips for Marketing Law Firms

1. Ramp Up Inbound Marketing

Do your best to meet future clients where they already are. A good inbound strategy focuses on attracting, delighting,marketing law firms and engaging with your audience. Finding more ways to fill your funnel is crucial as a growing practice. It’s been found that inbound marketing tactics generate as high as 54% more leads than other tactics.

2. Focus on Social Responsibility

Research shows that trust is absolutely crucial when people are choosing who to do business with. Taking a stand on important issues and displaying your credibility and values is a good way to get attention from prospects. Note: do so in a genuine way and not as simply a promotional tactic. Consider what you truly care about and put more effort into those areas. 

3. Create Short-form Videos

“Snackable” videos are taking over social media with platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, and video is a worthwhile investment for any marketer. Shorter forms of content get right to the point and are easy to consume, therefore more likely to be viewed. 

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4. Give Audio Content a Try

Podcasts and other forms of audio content have become more popular, but some in the legal industry have been slow to adapt. However, podcasts, Twitter Spaces, online presentations, and other forms of audio content are helpful when marketing law firms because they offer value for your audiences.

For an all-encompassing look at how to create a successful podcast, check out this free eBook: The Law Firm Guide to Podcasting.

5. Don’t Neglect the Client Experience

No matter how great your marketing is, if you’re not providing results for your clients, your firm won’t grow. Make it a point to delight your target market at each stage and don’t be shy about letting your audience know when you do so. 

6. Leverage Your Personal Network

Chances are there are several people within your organization who can evangelize your services. How quickly and broadly can they do so? Think about the tools you can provide that will help them to promote your firm in an organic way. 

7. Develop a Personal Brand

Thought leadership is a crucial component of legal marketing. In addition to the firm’s efforts, senior attorneys should pursue their own endeavors. They should write articles, attend events, speak on panels, etc. Having a “name” within the industry will make your firm more discoverable and more credible. 

8. Evaluate Your Service-market Fit

The founder of management theory, Peter Drucker, once said: “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” Research your ideal clients and mirror your services to their needs. 

9. Understand Your Target Audiencemarketing law firms

It’s important to perform extensive market research when marketing law firms in order to fully grasp who your clients are and how to reach them. Then, figure out the right language for speaking to them. 

10. Highlight Results

Outcomes are always important, but people with legal challenges are especially concerned with results. It’s important to display great results whenever possible when marketing law firms. Share testimonials, promote case studies, interview clients on webinars or podcasts, and otherwise look for ways to market your terrific results. 

11. Create a Warm Association With Your Brand

People are more likely to work with you (or continue to work with you) if they have happy memories or enjoy the personalities of your staff. Consider hosting charitable events, creating longer videos about your values, or sending real holiday cards to remind people of your great staff and culture. 

12. Write an Advertorial

An advertorial is a piece that is an informational article but really promotes a product or service. Law firms can use this technique to drive positive brand impressions while also sharing valuable information. Several reputable publications accept advertisements and can broaden your reach significantly. 

13. Anticipate Future Needs

Just another reason why it’s important to understand your target market is to think about what they might need next. Recognizing the wants and needs of your target audience will enable you to craft campaigns in advance. Go beyond what they say they’re wanting and think of the future needs that they might not even know about yet. 

14. Don’t Underestimate Exclusivity

Many times, scarcity breeds interest. Leverage exclusivity in order to make clients feel like VIPs. Things like “key client” events or top client programs will make clients feel valued, and also like they’re part of an “in crowd”. This can help with client retention and even become a point of value for potential clients as well.

15. Be Entertaining

No matter which marketing channel you use, getting and keeping interest is valuable. Whether you are using online advertising, videos, social media, etc. capturing interest will go a long way. Use captivating language, eye-catching images and videos, and real-life examples when applicable to grab their attention. 

16. Create Content for Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journeymarketing law firms

A part of understanding your target audience is realizing how their needs will change as they move down the sales funnel. For example, a person who isn’t even aware of your firm is going to resonate with different content compared to someone who has attended your webinar and followed you on social media.

17. Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

When you’re a small but growing firm, it’s essential to use your capital in the best way possible. This isn’t really a marketing tactic per se, but a reminder to choose investments properly and monitor budgets closely. There are plenty of ways to add tactics to your marketing plan in a cost-efficient manner by leveraging resources like free eBooks or educational webinars.

18. Host Events/ Webinars

Creating something of value for your audience can go much further than simply posting blogs and social media posts. You can also leverage both online and in-person events to educate your audience on topics they desire to learn more about. This will help position your firm as a thought leader as well.

19. Capitalize on Virality

Viral material spreads quickly and reaches a broad spectrum of people. By practicing social listening and spending time on social media, you can see which topics are hot button issues and which challenges, hashtags, or other items are currently popular. Then find ways to integrate them into your marketing tactics. Also, make notes of which topics peak in value during certain times of the year. For example, if you’re a personal injury lawyer, posting a blog on swimming accidents would do best in the summer.

20. Practice Social Listening

Speaking of knowing what’s going on in the world, you need to know what people are saying about your firm. Keep a close eye on your social media channels and what’s happening with them. Take the time to reply to people, thank them for comments, and answer questions. If you ever get negative feedback, don’t ignore it or delete it – immediately address the issue and let your social following see that you did so. A tool like Brandwatch can help with this. 


These ideas encompass some long-standing principles as well as some of the latest trends. The important thing with marketing law firms is to stay up to date on the legal marketing landscape and then adapt your strategy as needed. That’s easier said than done, though – almost all firms are strapped on time. If you’d like a little help, reach out to our team. We focus on digital marketing each and every day so our clients can focus on their job. 


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