Essential Pages For Your Law Firm WebsiteIn today’s technology-driven global economy, it is essential that your law firm’s website has a professional appearance and provides valuable client-centric information to your target audience. To stay competitive in the modern marketplace, your law firm website has to instill a level of credibility and trust in order to influence prospective clients to pick up the phone and call you. Although every firm is unique in the specific services they offer, there are several essential pages we recommend you include in order to drive more online business for your firm. In this blog post, we list the 10 essential pages for your law firm website.

1. Home Page

As the face of your law firm’s website, the home page essentially needs to do several things. This page should convey quickly and briefly the differentiators of your firm and the benefits that you offer. You want to make sure this page is catchy, attractive, easy to navigate, and naturally leads to the next action. It’s also helpful to include a simple way to contact you. 

2. About Our Firm

This page is important to help clients and prospects see you as real people. Share a story of why your firm is in business, and the staff that comprises the firm. When people visit an “About Us” or “Our Firm” page, they are seeking comfort and reassurance. Help provide it by making this page easily accessible. 

3. Attorney Profiles

Understandably, people want to see who they will be working with and know that the attorney they hire is competent. This is true of most businesses, but when it comes to hiring an attorney, clients will be more sensitive to who they’re relying on for expertise. Use these attorney profile pages to build trust and credibility for the attorneys at your firm. Furthermore, be sure to include professional headshots, awards/recognitions, articles written and charity or volunteer work.

4. Our Practices

It’s important to provide detail on your services. Many firms include this section as a heading on their main navigation. Each practice area should have it’s own page, answering any questions that someone is likely to have before they engage your services. 

5. Sub-Practice Area Pages

Many firms have highly specialized areas, and it makes sense to detail this information in additional pages. This is particularly helpful for SEO, where you can create more content around unique keywords. 

6. Information Center

Whether you refer to this as a blog, resource center, or other term – it’s a place to highlight your firm’s expertise and thought leadership. 

7. Contact Page

Ideally, contact information can be found on each page of your site. However, it’s important to have a specific contact page with location information, social media icons, and a contact form fill. Note that a contact web form fill, such as a consultation request form, can be embedded on every page of your site to achieve optimal lead generation. You might also want to include an embedded Google map of your firm’s location on the contact page

8. Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Credibility is key when it comes to the legal industry. Positive reviews and testimonials from real clients build trust. Just like reviews, real case studies highlighting your firm’s impact will position you as a trusted advisor and partner. Creating an area of your site where people can track down success stories will help demonstrate a track record of success. 

9. Process of Engagement

Every firm operates a little differently. It can be confusing to engage with a lawyer if you’ve never done so before. Clearly lay out your process or provide links to downloadable templates and paperwork to make engaging with your firm as simple as possible. 

10. Frequently Asked Questions

What may seem obvious to your team is unlikely to be obvious to everyone visiting your site. Compile a list of questions you often receive, along with answers and resources, and make sure it’s easily accessible from your home page. 


In order to create an optimal experience for visitors and establish credibility for the attorneys at your firm you should think about incorporating all 10 essential pages on your law firm website. If you need help driving more leads from your law firm’s website – real leads that turn into clients – contact us.  We’ll work with you to implement a digital strategy that will turn your website into a lead generation engine. 

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