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Why Your Law Firm Social Media Strategy Needs Video

by Vondrae McCoy • February 11th, 2020 • Social Media | Blog

Law Firm Social Media Strategy Needs VideoDid you know that 55% of people watch videos online every day? Statistics also show that social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than text and images combined. That means that if your law firm is not currently leveraging video in your social media strategy, it should be. Here’s a quick breakdown of why your law firm social media strategy needs video. 

Generally speaking, video is becoming more and more important for marketing content because it enables you to grab a viewer’s attention quickly. Video is a great format which enables your firm to condense complex information into content that’s easily understood and shared.

Video is instant and Interactive

The digital world, and social media in particular, is dynamic and always changing. People have come to expect many forms of multimedia and the improvements to video platforms over the past few years mean that it’s easy to create the video content researchers expect to see. Video is the most engaging and interactive form of content available and prospective clients seek multiple forms of information when they are making a decision about which firm to work with. Video is the perfect avenue to share information with clients and prospects in a fast, interpersonal way that positions your attorneys as real people and builds relationships. 

Video helps with SEO

Many forms of social media act as their own search engine. Video content provides opportunities to research keywords and terms and apply them for search engine optimization. When firms create compelling and useful headlines for their videos, that can help register them on social media searches. In addition, legal marketers can use relevant hashtags and include keywords in video descriptions. YouTube provides several options for SEO strategy, and hosting videos on YouTube that you then share on social can help with your overall digital marketing efforts. YouTube SEO involves optimizing your channel, playlists, meta data, description, and the videos themselves. Furthermore, creating transcripts and closed captions will also help with SEO on social. 

Video drives activity with calls to action

Video is often used to help prospects gain information and make decisions about legal matters or choosing a firm. Providing helpful, quality information will position you as a thought leader and trusted advisor. Once people make it to the end of your video, you can assume they are somewhat invested in what you have to say. That makes them a fairly qualified lead, and you should be sure to provide a clear next action. A direct and organic call to action should be the final stage of any video on social media. Don’t just direct viewers to your website – offer a consultation or direct line to your business development staff. 

There are a variety of tools online that can help you create high-quality videos, but developing a strategy for adding them to your social is another story. Though you probably understand why your law firm social media strategy needs video, having the time or resources to enact a video strategy is easier said than done. If you need help with video or any other component of social media, contact us today. We help firms just like yours make the most of the dynamic use of social media.

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