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Why Law Firms Should Consider Growth Driven Design

by Kevin Vermeulen • March 8th, 2019 • Digital Marketing | Blog

growth driven designAre you interested in producing better results and growing your practice through a smarter approach to web design? Chances are, the answer is yes. Traditional held beliefs about web design are becoming outdated. In today’s digital world, your website is the number one marketing and business development tool at your disposal. Research shows that most prospects go to a website first – potential clients are looking at your website as the face of your firm. The problem with that is, your website probably hasn’t changed in over a year. In addition to being costly and time-intensive, website redesigns are stressful and can be cost-prohibitive – which means that the best business development tool you have might sit unchanged with little attention paid to it.

To change this process and get the most out of your website, consider Growth Driven Design. In this process, the websites produced are quick and agile, taking into account viewer feedback before completion. Growth-driven design actually changes the thought process and approach behind creating and growing a website.

A key function of growth-driven design is what many agencies call a “launch pad website”. Rather than launching the website at the end of the project, a launch pad website is created at the beginning and used throughout the process. All of the activities and improvements that will come stem from this website. This means that rather than beginning with the end in mind – you apply information as you go to develop the most user friendly, relevant, and functional website possible to inform the users that actually visit the site.

Could it be right for your firm?

There are three main benefits to growth-driven design: Risk minimization, continuous learning, and collaboration between business development and marketing.

Minimize the risks that come with traditional web design

By taking a systematic approach which shortens the time to launch, this process helps companies to avoid many of the common risks and pitfalls associated with website design. At law firms it can typically take months of web development, graph design, search engine optimization, and of course partner approvals to launch the “perfect site”. The problem is your law firm will never have the perfect website especially in a digital landscape that is constantly changing.

Make learning and improvement a continual process.

Using growth-driven design means constantly researching, testing, and learning about visitors, and then applying these findings to get better results. Rather than risking a large investment on building your law firm’s website all at once, look at it as a continual work in progress. Yes, your law firm’s website should always be visually appealing and optimized for business development, but your firm should never stop looking for new ways to improve even after your new site is launched.

Create a feedback loop between marketing and business development

What marketers learn about web visitors is great information for business development teams – and vice versa. In growth-driven design, there is ongoing feedback between marketers and business development to ensure the most relevant information is portrayed on the firm’s number one business development tool – the website. Digital marketing allows law firms to have the analytics and knowledge to know how exactly visitors are interacting with their sites which in turn can be used to improve your firm’s website.


Many firms are already adopting this design process and experiencing success. This methodology truly provides the most flexibility and the most helpful user experiences. If you’re considering a website redesign, and think this new process could help your firm be more productive and profitable, reach out to us for help!

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