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Why Law Firms Must Invest in Digital Marketing

by Kevin Vermeulen • January 27th, 2020 • Digital Marketing | Blog

law firm digital marketingYou can find absolutely everything online these days. Your firm shouldn’t be an exception. In an environment where clients are constantly on their devices and the internet is the first place they turn to for information, a digital marketing strategy is an essential part of conducting and growing your business. For firms that are still undecided about how much of an online presence they need, consider these 7 reasons why law firms must invest in digital marketing. 

1. Your prospects and clients are online.

The reach of the internet exceeds any other channel, and will continue to grow. According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of the US population uses the internet. Since online platforms allow so much targeting and customization, law firms have the opportunity to reach prospects where they seek information. 

2. You can target your audience much more precisely than on other channels.

Traditional marketing methods have a pretty limited impact on potential clients. Using digital marketing tactics, marketers can segment and customize their audiences and then tailor campaigns to them. Leveraging demographics from geography to income, most online platforms allow you to narrow down your target audience and then create content geared toward them. 

3. The reach of the internet goes far beyond traditional methods.

In the old days, if someone was satisfied with your firm, they might tell a few friends. Now, they can share that information online and reach hundreds of people at once. Digital channels go far beyond the limitations offered by other channels. Having your content shared – or even go viral – significantly expands the amount of people you can reach. 

4. Digital offers innovative and creative outlets.

It’s not always easy to come up with new content, and traditional marketing formats offer a few formulas that most firms use over and over. Online, law firm marketers have a chance to let their creative juices flow to come up with new formats, imagery, and creative campaigns. There are so many formats of advertising available online that there is something for everyone. Marketers can create robust programs with plenty of variety. 

5. Digital marketing is easy to measure.

ROI is important to any marketing department. The tools available through digital marketing allow staff to pull real data on performance. Most online platforms offer comprehensive and intuitive reporting and analytics functions. Use these tools to analyze performance and share ROI information with firm leadership. Even more important, you can thoroughly understand what’s working and what’s not so that you can better allocate resources. For more information on analytics platforms, visit our blog: The Leading Law Firm Web Analytics Tools.

6. Digital offers instantaneous coverage.

When creating online advertising, you’ll get to see the finished product right away. Many of the platforms available today allow you to build and execute ads and campaigns quickly using simple tools. You can post advertising in the morning and see results in real-time that afternoon. When you need to make changes, you can do so quickly as most tools have intuitive interfaces for text and graphics. Made a mistake? Simply log into your tool and make the necessary changes. 

7. The internet is interactive and builds engagement.

Not only can your law firm gain valuable insights on prospects and clients from online activities, you can actually build relationships with them over time. Traditional advertising methods are generally one-way, but digital tactics offer a two-way channel of communication. In particular, being active on social allows you to hear directly from clients and address what they’re saying in real time. 


These are just a few of the reasons why law firms must invest in digital marketing. In general, digital marketing is faster, less expensive, and easier to create, track, and manage. Digital marketing also makes your law firm more accessible to prospects and clients, which is always helpful. 

In the event that you are convinced of the effectiveness of digital marketing, but just don’t have the time to build out a strategy, reach out to us for help. We are here to help law firms of all sizes to grow their business through these important digital channels. 



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