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What should your law firm blog about?

by Kevin Vermeulen • July 9th, 2021 • Content Marketing | Blog

law firm blogEffective blogging is not only a great lead generation tool, but a value-add for current clients. Blogs and thought leadership content can help improve your reputation and credibility as a lawyer and help attract new clients. Of course, to maintain your law firm’s blog, you have to post regularly. Sometimes the hardest part of writing a blog post is coming up with an initial idea. Here are a few blog ideas that help law firms reach the right people.

1. Legal analysis on specific practice areas

Your expertise in your practice area is your firm’s greatest strength. Generate blog posts about your specific practice areas so that prospects searching the internet can find some of the answers they are looking for. For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer, you could cover every niche of personal injury law rather than write a single personal injury law blog post.

2. Answers to common questions

It’s likely that your clients and prospects have some common questions, and providing helpful information can pique interest and add value. Many legal topic searches involve “what to do when…”. Answer questions that come up for people when they encounter common legal problems, or when they get married, buy a house, etc. 

3. Dispel legal myths

When it comes to legal matters, people are likely to have a gap in their information. If you’ve heard any myths over the years of your practice, you can address them in blog posts.

4. Seasonal content

Your law firm can craft blogs around seasonal content, as a way of celebrating holidays and addressing seasonal issues that may pertain to your particular field. For instance, if you are a DUI lawyer, craft a seasonal blog post covering trends in drinking and driving over the holiday season. This is a great piece of content you can repurpose each year.

5. Share important legal updates on your law firm blog

People need to know about changes to the law that will affect their lives. Create timely posts that explain changes or pending changes in your area of law. 

6. Update on industry news

Make sure you stay on top of industry trends and share them with people in your audience who might be affected. 

7. Case studies

Help people understand how you help your clients solve their legal issues by drafting content around the problem, solution, and results. 

8. Upcoming events

Think about seminars or conferences that you have spoken at or have attended and provide a useful summary to your audience

9. Webinars and podcasts

Your law firm’s blog is a great place to showcase recent appearances or forums that you’ve hosted. You can share highlights or ask for people to comment with questions they’d like to have answered during the event. 

10. Interviews with other experts

A Q & A or dialogue with attorneys, other legal experts, or partners related to your niche can provide valuable insight and unexpected content for your readers. 

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Blogs help law firms reach the right people, but once those people land on a post, you want there to be an easy transition from website visitor, to prospect, to client. When writing, remember to mention the importance of obtaining legal counsel. Include contact forms, buttons, and other conversion opportunities throughout your blog. Lastly, don’t forget to promote your law firm blog through email and social media. See: A Checklist for Your Law Firm’s Blog Promotion.

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