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The Value of a Content Line Item in the Law Firm RFP Process

by Tim Baran • May 22nd, 2017 • Content Marketing | Blog

Law Firm RFPA recent article identified law firm RFP trends which include using legal procurement specialists and alternative fee arrangements, a deep dive into the firm’s operations, legal team diversity, technology, reverse auctions, and itemizing value-added services.

In this post we’ll take a quick look at the last item: itemizing value-added services.

CLE Content

The article identified CLE courses as one of the value-add items. As a former director of CLE services at a law firm, I’ve seen the value of this first-hand.

Lawyers, including in-house counsel, are looking for several things in their continuous learning activities: what’s happening in the industry(ies) they serve, developments in their primary practice areas, and opportunities to hone their technology, business development, and other non-legal skills.

Offering CLE-accredited courses fill this gap nicely as the courses also provide credits towards the mandatory hours most states require for attorneys.

If you haven’t already done so, consider getting your firm approved as an accredited CLE provider in the states where you have offices and where your primary clients reside. Put on an annual one-day event around a practice area or industry your firm serves. Invite clients and offer CLE credits for each session. Record them and add to your CLE library of courses clients (and your attorneys) can take to learn and earn credits.

Work with your library, IT, marketing, and other departments to create training sessions and add them to your library of course offerings. You now have a valuable line-item differentiation to add to your RFPs.

Non-CLE Content

Producing content that speaks to clients problems establishes you as a thought leader who is knowledgeable about, and sympathetic to, what keeps them up at night. Content can include the following;

  • Webinars: Put on a monthly webinar for your clients. This can range from technology training to expanding on client alerts.
  • Guides: Repurpose your content into useful e-books, white papers, and guides and distribute to clients.
  • Newsletter: Send out a regular newsletter to inform, educate, and stay top of mind.
  • Podcast: A short podcast clients can listen to at the gym or during their commute can provide significant value.

Add these offerings to your RFP and adjust your content offerings based on client feedback and needs.

Clients hold almost all the cards.

Firms have fallen behind their clients and they are on track to get worse.

These are refrains from law firm procurement consultants in As Clients Press for Discounts, Are Firms Too Quick to Show Their Cards?

Content is an easy and valuable card to show. It can be a differentiator when submitting proposals for new business.

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