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Valuable Social Media Metrics Law Firms Should be Tracking

by Talia Schwartz • October 10th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

Social Media Metrics for Law FirmsLaw firm focus has shifted from merely participating in social media marketing to generating real business results from it. If your firm is on social media and posting frequently, but not achieving a measurable business impact, it’s possible you’re not focusing on the proper metrics. Things like followers and likes keep climbing, but you’re not getting any new consultation requests or leads from your firm’s social media accounts. Marketers shouldn’t pay too much attention to vanity metrics, such as likes. When you take a more thoughtful approach to measurement, you can learn more about your audience, how they engage with your firm, and what they’re looking for from you. In this blog post, we review 7 valuable social media metrics that law firms should start tracking right away.

Social reach

Law firms should measure social reach to know how many people your posts are reaching. A higher number means more exposure for your law firm. Ideally, as you attract more people to your content, you’re driving new website visitors. 

Referral traffic

One of your goals with social media is to drive traffic to your firm’s website. Track how well this is happening by pulling your Google Analytics data. Check out acquisition→ social and note which channels are doing well at driving traffic. If these numbers are low, create more compelling calls to action in your social posts.

Bounce rate

You can filter Google Analytics data to see the bounce rate on web pages broken down by referral source. If the bounce rate is high from social channels, that means you intrigued them with your content, but the website didn’t fulfill what they were looking for. It’s important to make sure your social posts match your website content so users land where they were hoping to.

Follower growth rate

Legal marketers should measure the speed at which their following increases. This is a good data point to discover if your content is resonating with your audience. Benchmark your audience on each social channel and then observe the growth (or decline) of each. If you want to ramp up your growth rate, consider changes to frequency, topics, or content formats. 


Engagement is one of the most important social media metrics law firms should be tracking. Beyond likes and followers, you want to understand how many people actually interact with your content. You can learn more about engagement by tracking retweets, shares, comments and views. You can also observe virality rate – total number of shares divided by the total number of views/reach multiplied by 100. 

Social media audience demographics

Make sure you have an understanding of your audience’s metrics and how they align to your client persona. Use tools like Facebook and Instagram Insights to pull demographic data and document it for future marketing efforts. 

Fan base

Fans are those people who promote your content online. These people tend to be your most loyal followers. Calculate your fan base by measuring how many people tag or mention your brand or share your content on social media. Remember that a fan base is different than just followers. If your fan base needs work, start by looking at the social successes of other law firms like yours. See what content resonates and then try to create an improved take. 


By measuring and paying close attention to these social media metrics, you’ll be able to better understand the impact and effectiveness of your law firm’s social media activity. Share your feedback and ask us questions about these social media metrics for law firms in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more tips and tricks on improving your firm’s social strategy.


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