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Troutman Sanders Launches Client-Centered Site

by Good2bSocial • April 1st, 2019 • Legal Marketing | Blog

Troutman sandersIn an increasingly competitive legal landscape, clients have more options than ever when it comes to choosing the right law firm for their needs. As a result, firms are adapting into more client-centric models which includes focusing on the client in all marketing and business development efforts. In fact, in a recent report by Legal Marketing Association and Bloomberg Law, attorneys cited firm-hosted events (45%) as the second most effective activity for developing new business, just behind client meetings (54%). Yet, there are a lot of marketing steps that need to be taken before getting clients to attend events or sit down for meetings. How can law firms differentiate themselves from competitors?

In the digital age, it all starts online. When a prospective client needs a service it typically starts with a quick search and some research into law firm websites. This is why client-centric law firm websites are more important now than ever. The new, which launched March 7, communicates Troutman Sanders’ higher commitment to client care.

“The site explains how the firm, our attorneys and our staff, work together to provide the best client experience by being informed, involved and invested in our clients. The redesign was driven by clients – everything, from the abundant thought leadership to the robust search functionality and dynamic videos,” said Troutman Sanders’ CMO Maura Brandt.

Troutman Sanders launched a new site with clients in mind – and it’s effective. Each year Good2bSocial analyzes hundreds of law firm sites and many miss the mark. Too many law firms focus solely on attorneys, awards, and wins. While these components are important to build credibility and a positive reputation around your firm, they’re not enough to differentiate in the eyes of a client.

From the moment you land on Troutman Sanders’ site, you are welcomed into the law firm via video. Not only is this a humanizing touch, but video helps engage visitors and leads to lower bounce rates. Video is a prominent theme on this modern site, including a video discussing exactly what “client care” means to the firm.

Overall the new site is incredibly visually engaging with eye-catching visuals and animated effects. An aesthetically pleasing website is only half the battle though which is why Troutman Sanders also includes plenty of client-centric insights.

“ In addition, we focused our experience narrative on more than just what we do, but how we do it, all in the interest of bringing value to the relationships we develop with our clients,” said Brandt.

While Troutman Sanders does have case studies and press releases which continue to be valuable, they also post frequent blogs and articles on issues that they know their clients care about.

The launch of Troutman Sanders’ new website only further proves the value and need for client-driven experiences, especially in digital. Having a website for your law firm today is non-negotiable, but creating a digital experience that allows your prospects and clients to easily find what they’re looking for is what allows for meaningful connections and client relationships.

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