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Top 5 Law Firm Facebook Pages

by Vondrae McCoy • December 20th, 2019 • Social Media | Blog

Law Firm Facebook PagesCultivating an appealing image on Facebook is an integral part of modern marketing and public relations for any law firm today. The social media platform provides lawyers with ample opportunities to engage their clients and prospects. Firms can use their social media pages to share informative and engaging content, answer their audiences’ questions, resolve their challenges and more. When used properly, Facebook can effectively attract quality leads for law firms. 

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram are vastly growing, but Facebook still remains the giant of all social media platforms with 2.45 billion monthly active users (Statista). In fact, eMarketer reports that by 2023, Facebook will gain 250 million more users around the world. Although there is no strict playbook to establishing your law firm Facebook page, using some of the tactics from these noteworthy law firm Facebook pages will ensure that your firm hones in on its resources and money.

1. Quarles & Brady

Out of all the 200 Am Law firms surveyed in our 2019 Social Law Firm Index, Quarles & Brady’s Facebook presence earned them the #1 spot. The firm continuously posts educational yet engaging content, with eye-catching visual imagery that links back to their firm’s blog. Their approach consists of a mix of content formats, such as video, which even appears as their branded page header. They have plenty of reviews and recommendations, which is an important way to establish social proof and trust with prospects. Not only does Quarles & Brady post thought leadership content that aligns with their expertise, values and culture. They also do a good job of humanizing their firm, often disseminating posts highlighting their own attorneys’ accomplishments with their pictures.

Convenience is key when converting prospective clients online. Although, Live messenger is a useful tool to directly engage with your audience, a call-to-action is a must for all law firm Facebook pages. Quarles & Brady’s Facebook page provides a direct link to contact their firm within their posts (in-text CTA) and at the top of their pages.

2. Shutts & Bowen

Rightfully deserved, Shutts & Bowen is ranked #2 due to showcasing their community involvement and use of in-text links in each post. Shutts & Bowen utilize one of the most effective tactics on Facebook by providing behind-the-scenes photos and videos. To stay competitive on Facebook and break through the noise, video is an essential tool. Shutts & Bowen took this tactic one step further and added video subtitles to their videos. Video subtitles will accommodate your audience in any circumstance and may prevent your audience from scrolling past your video. According to HubSpot, 50 percent of people watch more than an hour of video on Facebook a week, and of that percentage, more than half watch videos without sound.

3. Fragomen Worldwide

Fragomen Worldwide has a tremendous following on Facebook, with 3,798 likes and 4,025 follows. As ranked by our Social Law Firm Index, the firm has jumped up in the rankings from #171 in 2018 to #3 in 2019. A few tactics they use include regular postings about industry updates, educational posts that link back to their firm’s blog, and creative video content which often garners over 1K views. A stand up tactic that helps this firm demonstrate their niche is including a services page. Nowadays, many people are more likely to treat Facebook as a news or reliable source when searching for legal services.This service page provides a link to their website while clearly stating their practice areas. This law firm views their social media marketing strategy as a way to enhance user experience, as most law firms should. They are an excellent example of an effective law firm on Facebook.

4. Goldberg Segalla

Goldberg Segalla’s Facebook presence has earned them a spot in the top 5 as well. They’ve branded themselves well on the platform, they utilize a mix of content formats, and post consistently. A common theme of all of the top law firms is broadcasting their community involvement. Clients and prospects appreciate and look to work with firms that are playing an ethical and responsible part in the community, and Goldberg Segalla often shares content from their supported non-profit’s Facebook page. Sharing other community pages increases a page’s reach and visibility.

5. Dinsmore & Shohl

Dinsmore & Shohl wisely posts native video content. Pages that directly post video through Facebook and no other platform are favored by Facebook’s algorithm (i.e. YouTube video posts will appear less frequently in your followers’ news feed). These interactive videos consist of attorneys discussing their work, accomplishments and community involvement. Through the use of ratings, posts on education seminars and industry news, Dinsmore & Shohl exceptionally showcases their credibility and knowledge of their practice areas.


Law firms that share valuable information on Facebook help to prove their credibility and win the trust of their target audience. We suggest that law firms use their Facebook page to share educational content that links back to their website and test out more video content. When developing your social media strategy, experiment with different content to see what connects best with your target audience. Firms that humanize their brand on the platform resonate more with their target audience.

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