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Top 10 Legal Marketing Posts of 2017

by Tim Baran • December 8th, 2017 • Legal Marketing | Blog

Top 10 Legal Marketing Posts of 2017Of the almost 200 posts we published on this blog in 2017, a few remained popular throughout the year, while others published later in the year quickly gained readership and made our list. The topics covered include content, social media, SEO, analytics, and more. Here, then, are the top 10 legal marketing posts of 2017 on the Good2bSocial blog. 

1. The Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends for Law Firms in 2017 – Good2bSocial’s founder, Guy Alvarez, shared his predictions for marketing in the legal profession.

2. A Social Media Strategy Checklist for Law Firms – The only thing worse than not having a social media presence is having an ineffective one. To make sure your firm gets going in the right direction, we put together a social media strategy checklist.

3. The 2017 Social Law Firm Index Expands to Include the Top 200 Firms – Although published late in the year, this post’s position among the leaders in most-read posts demonstrates Big Law’s interest and adoption of content and social media.

4. Instagram Tips for Law Firms – Firms are looking to expand beyond the big three of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. As Instagram closes in on a billion users, it’s a wise strategy for firm to get on board with the platform.

5. Facebook Ads for Law Firms: How to Reach Your Target Audience – More “paid social” was one of Guy’s predictions and sure enough we’ve experienced an uptick in posts like this one. If your law practice is looking for a powerful and cost effective advertising platform, Facebook fits the bill.

6. 10 Legal Podcasts Worth Listening To – No surprise here. Podcasts continue to rise in popularity and the legal industry is catching on.

7. Thought Leadership for Lawyers: 10 Tips on How to Build Your Personal Brand – So you want to be a thought leader? Join the club. However, it takes time, effort, dedication and the right mindset. Looks like lawyers are becoming interested in investing the effort!

8. Law Firm Pitch to Corporate Clients: Listen First – It continues to be a buyer’s market for legal services and clients are calling the shots. And law firm have to listen. They’re starting to, as the popularity of this post indicates.

9. Online Lead Generation for Lawyers: A Beginners Guide – Generating leads is the number one challenge for most lawyers and law firms.

10. What is Law Firm Content Marketing? – Whether you’re big law or a solo or small firm, you need to have a content marketing strategy – or you’re missing out big time. Firms are paying attention.

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