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The Top Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast Episodes of 2021: A Look at This Year’s Insights from the Top Experts

by Natalie Moe • December 27th, 2021 • Legal Marketing | Blog

On Good2bSocial’s podcast, the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, our Founder & CEO, Guy Alvarez is joined by thought leaders and changemakers in the legal marketing industry. This year, our podcast covered many topics, from COVID-19 and marketing, to how to use new apps like Tiktok, and even a breakdown of social media strategy. Stay up to date with legal marketing trends this past year by taking a look at the top episodes from 2021:

1. SEO and Content Marketing Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic with The National Law Review (Episode 124)

Guest Eilene Spear of The National Law Review discusses how The National Law Review was able to draw in the most website traffic of any legal news website in the US. This episode gives some great SEO and content marketing takeaways and tips.

2. The Art and Science of Business Development in the Legal Industry: You CAN Make it Rain (Episode 126)

Guest Karen Kahn, psychologist, and business development coach, gives her expert insight into the world of business development. As many lawyers struggle with business development, this episode is perfect for those who are looking to expand their business but aren’t sure where to start.

3. Something from Nothing: How to Build a Content Marketing Machine for a Law Firm When You’re The Team (Episode 129)

Guest Dan Brian, digital marketing guru and Digital Marketing Director of Riddle & Brantley, sits down to discuss how to build a strong content marketing strategy and even gives insight into how to get attorneys involved with the process. This episode is a great resource for those looking to start or improve an existing content strategy with its discussion of tools, tactics, and more.

4. TikTok for Lawyers: How This Unlikely Social Media Platform Can Help Generate Business (Episode 128)

Guest Michelle Wilson Murphy, owner of Wilson Murphy Law and CEO of Legal Loft, goes over how the relatively new and unassuming app, Tiktok, can create substantial business for law firms. As 2022 approaches, lawyers and legal marketers will want to tune into this episode to learn how to amass a following on the ever-rising app Tiktok.

5. How HubSpot Can Revolutionize the Way Law Firms Market Their Services and Generate Business (Episode 127)

Guest Leia Dudek, an experienced Hubspot Channel Account Manager, interviews host Guy Alvarez on the in’s and out’s of Hubspot. This episode gives great insight into how law firms can use Hubspot to drive results, and why it’s a game-changing marketing and business development tool.

6. Transforming Thought Leadership in Professional Services Firms (Episode 132)

Guest Charles Cousins, a Business Development Director at Passle who works with marketing and business development teams at law firms, gives insight into how law firms can transform their thought leadership to be more effective. Lawyers looking to boost their thought leadership presence and gain expert insight into content creation will want to tune into this episode.

7. The Right Way for Lawyers to Use Social Media (Episode 133)

Guest Ali Awad, lawyer, entrepreneur, and owner of his own law firm and media company goes over how lawyers can use social media to generate leads. This episode will help those in the legal industry learn how to start an effective social media strategy or how to improve their existing social media presence in order to gain qualified leads.

8. Positioning Law Firms for Growth: How a Sector-Based Strategy Leads to Greater Client Success (Episode 131)

Guest Dominic Ayres, an experienced senior client development manager at Eversheds Sutherland, gives his insight into how law firms can drive success through a sector-based approach. Those that are looking to stimulate new growth at their firm will want to listen to this episode to learn what marketing tactics they can use for a sector-based strategy.

9. Don’t Spend Another Dollar on Law Firm Marketing Until You Have These Three Foundations in Place (Episode 136)

Guest Ali Katz, founder, and CEO of the New Law Business Model discusses the challenges law firms face with the ‘modern law firm model’ and how they can address these challenges in order to build a successful online marketing strategy. This episode gives great insight into how lawyers can overcome these challenges, the foundational blocks lawyers should follow, and more.

10. Legal Marketing Lessons to Live By (Episode 137)

Guest Justin Stivers, the founder, and owner of The Probate Law Firm sits down to give his insight into how he drove success at his firm through legal marketing. For those wanting to improve their legal marketing skills, or even build their new law firm’s business, this is a great episode to learn how to build a strategy from the ground up.


The Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast has seen many great guests in 2021. The insights shared between host Guy Alvarez and leaders in the industry are an invaluable resource for those looking to improve their legal marketing efforts, wanting to stay up to date on trends, or just looking to hear some great discussion on marketing topics. Still wanting to learn more about legal marketing? Subscribe to our podcast so you never miss an episode in 2022 and stay up to date with the ever-changing scope of legal marketing.


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