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Add Mobile Video to Your Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy

These days, when you need something, your first reaction is to reach for your phone. The same can be said about your target market. If they want information right away, they will reflexively use their mobile device to do research. That’s why now, more than ever, videos made specifically for mobile devices are necessary for […]

The Play is the Thing

As we enter our second year in business, we’re very pleased to have a chance to tackle interesting new projects.  We’re keen to take on any challenge that fits with our overall business strategy and mission: “to help companies and professionals in the knowledge industries to understand and leverage the power of social technologies and […]

What’s Next? Four Emerging Social Networks to Monitor

  Pinterest? Been There, Done That. Instagram? That’s yesterdays’ news. Tell me what’s hot. Tell me what’s new. Tell me what, as a social media marketing professional, I should be paying attention to. Well….after conducting exhaustive research and speaking to the so-called “experts”, here are four public emerging social networks that in my opinion have […]

Social Business: The Top Five Myths

Back in December of 2011, Pernod Ricard USA hired me as a consultant. They hired me to help them build and deploy what they called, “a Facebook type application for our employees.” A few weeks after being there and after spending some time meeting and interviewing the key stake holders I came to the realization […]