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Baker McKenzie Earns Top Facebook Ranking in The 2017 Social Law Firm Index

by Tim Baran • November 13th, 2017 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Social Law Firm Index 2017 Baker McKenzie

The 2017 Social Law Firm Index takes a comprehensive look at the top 200 law firms in the country (as ranked by The American Lawyer) and analyzes, measures, and ranks each firm’s reach and engagement across a variety of social media channels and content platforms.

We asked the top firms in each category to describe their experience and efforts in achieving success. Baker McKenzie earned the top spot for Facebook. Here’s their story.

A checklist to get us thinking about what content we share

To ensure the content that we share on Baker McKenzie social media channels is consistently engaging, topical and interactive, we have a checklist to get us thinking about what content we share:

  • Know what you want to achieve –  ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve. By starting with the end in mind, you’ll be able to build a stronger strategy that directly supports your most important goals.
  • Understand your audience –  find out who they are and speak their language. If what you say and how you say it doesn’t align with your target market, than your message will be lost in the jungle that is the social media landscape.
  • Use visuals – visual content can act as a gateway to more valuable content. Try and use pictures, images and videos where you can.
  • Be active but don’t over-do it – be active on your social media, but don’t post so often that you overwhelm or annoy people.
  • Time does matter – pay attention to analytics. Find out when your audience is most active and post your information during those time frames.
  • Be personable – try to generate lively, natural content. If you are constantly pushing robotic communications, then your audience levels may drop.
  • Promote – try to include a ‘call to action’ to help you measure the success of a post. For example, including a unique registration link can highlight how many registrations have come via social media.
  • Share – try to publish content that encourage sharing as this will help boost your audience reach.
  • Measurement – remember to set some benchmarks to measure the success of your social media activity and to gain audience insight for longevity. Use analytics tools and other mechanisms along the way that can help with this.

And….always remember who your audience is!

In the interest of best practice, we try not to:

  • Neglect – don’t forget about your profiles. You have to use the accounts to make them work.
  • Connect with everyone – just because someone follows you, doesn’t mean you have to follow them back. Before you follow back think of how it will reflect on you and what you are trying to achieve. Be targeted.
  • Too much automation – you lose the personal touch if it sounds like a computer is speaking to them. Humanise your content to make the engagement experience more personable.

Download the 2017 Social Law Firm Index!


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