Slack for law firmsThere are many tools available to help law firms with all aspects of their functionality, including Slack. Slack is particularly useful for communications when it comes to law firms thanks to its confidentiality, ease of use, and other features. For several years already, Slack has proven itself to be a useful asset for law firms, and more recent developments and adoptions have shown even more ways lawyers can utilize this technology.

Delivers Confidentiality

One of the most important factors behind the trend of lawyers using Slack is the fact that the communication platform can allow for confidentiality. Slack takes security very seriously and uses data encryption both in rest and in motion along with data disposal and network security. The option of using multi-factor authentication further enhances the security of Slack.


Law firms will also greatly appreciate the ability to set up various communication channels using Slack. You can create various channels, including those for a specific project you are working on or for a specific department. You can reach customers and have an additional secure method of communicating with them by setting up a public channel. Meanwhile, you can create private channels for your team members only. In the case of public channels, consider taking advantage of the fact that Slack now supports chatbots to ensure clients always get a quick response.

Channels to Set Up

To make the most of Slack in your law firm, consider setting up multiple channels, each with a different purpose or set of members. One channel can focus on providing referrals to other members of the law firm team who need contact information for a specific agency. There can be a security channel to ensure everyone remains on the same page about security threats. The possibilities are limitless.

Join Existing Channels and Create Law Community Channels

When used correctly, law firms can also take advantage of Slack as a method for collaborating with other law firms within the area that have different specialties. Or you can use it to get advice from other lawyers on the other side of the country or world, where there is no concern of stealing clients. There are already multiple Slack groups dedicated to law firms and lawyers, so take a look and consider joining an existing one to expand the knowledge and tools at your disposal. If you don’t see a Slack channel that your firm could use, consider creating one for that purpose. Then, spread the word to other law firms about your Slack channel so you can all help each other.

More Than Just Chatting

One of the great things about Slack is that in addition to the chatting functionality, it also offers audio and video communication, so you can quickly have a “phone” conversation to confirm details verbally and more efficiently. Slack also allows for file sharing, including spreadsheets, images, and videos. This means that the entire conversation can occur within Slack without a need to open another method of communication. Slack even includes the ability to make polls, which you can use to gauge office sentiment on a topic or client enthusiasm for a potential change.

Utilize Slack Notifications

When setting up Slack for your law firm, do not forget to also set up the notifications that you want to receive. You can let Slack know how often you want updates and for which channels. Slack also makes it possible to set up notifications based on words. This feature lets you get a notification when your chosen keyword appears so you never miss important news related to the next project.


If you’re looking for an effective, easy-to-use law firm communications application, consider Slack. Individuals and small teams can sign up for free with pricing plans going up to $12.50 per user per month.  

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