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Podcast Ep. 57: Using Technology to Differentiate Your Legal Services with Chander Singh

by Good2bSocial • July 24th, 2018 • Podcast

On today’s podcast, we talk with Chander Singh, practicing attorney and Track With Ease CEO about the biggest marketing mistake attorneys make, using technology to differentiate your legal services, and how he’s used legal technology in his own firm to expand marketing and increase revenues.

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Podcast Show Notes

Chander P. Singh, Esq., has been a practicing attorney for the past 17 years in NY and NJ with a specialty in residential and commercial real estate transactions. Four years ago, he founded the company, Track With Ease, a cloud based transaction management system for real estate legal professionals.

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How can other lawyers transition to a different business?

It depends on what type of practice they’re in. For example, real estate is a very systematic type of law which can be automated to a certain extent. If you’re in a practice area where you can automate processes, it may be easier to manage another side business or to slowly transition into another career as you’ll have a lot more time. It also helps to have a detailed game plan of what your goals are before you leave your practice. Utilize the skill set you already have to do something new.

The biggest mistake attorneys make when it comes to marketing their practice

The biggest mistake is failing to provide an exceptional service to the client. First, you have the type of marketing where you’re delivering content and bringing awareness to your firm. Then, you have the type of marketing where you must continue to provide an above and beyond service after you’ve captured the client. You can use technology to provide better service than competitors which enables you to retain clients for life.

“Every touchpoint with a client is an ability to market to them.”

The biggest frustration points that clients experience in their interaction with an attorney

Some of the biggest client complaints are lack of communication, timeliness, updates, and post-communication. You can automate these types of communications to make sure clients are always up to date. Marketing is a two-fold effort – bringing awareness and retaining through excellent service.

Sometimes clients don’t mind just speaking to a paralegal, but there are some instances where it’s important for them to speak to the attorney. Attorneys may sometimes be too busy to keep up with each client’s questions, but this is frustrating for them. Clients want to be aware of the details of what’s being done, but this is often lacking on the attorney’s part.These client frustrations lead to attorney frustrations because no one wants to hear that a client is upset or unsatisfied with the service they’re receiving.

That’s where tech comes in. With legal technology, you’re able to constantly keep up with transactions and give clients the consistent updates that they need on a daily basis. As a result, law firms can field less calls related to clients wanting updates or being frustrated by lack of communication.

How have you used technology in your own practice to expand your marketing efforts?

Social media – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter – they’re all part of the technology used to expand marketing efforts. At closing, one can even ask clients questions about their experience and take note of their responses. New clients have the ability to watch or read client testimonials to learn the client experience they can expect at the law firm. Social media allows for free, constant contact and exposure.


Firms should do a candid self-assessment. Ask yourself, what would be some key ways you can save time while still building your business? Think about what tasks you can automate and find the technology that allows you to do so.

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