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Podcast Ep. 76: The Power of Language with John Klymshyn

by Good2bSocial • January 15th, 2019 • Uncategorized | Podcast

In this podcast, John Klymshyn discusses the power of language and how law firms are able to generate awareness and build trust through the language that they use.

Podcast Show Notes

Author of 11 books, veteran of over a thousand live presentations to firms ranging from Reed Smith to Fish Richardson as well as speaking appearances at various legal professional development events like Legal Tech and RainDance. John Klymshyn is on a mission to make the language of business as magical and musical as he can. His upcoming Audiobook: “Deeper Dialogue; Conversations That Inspire” will be available soon, on Audible.com and iTunes.

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What does the phrase “Deeper Dialogue” have to do with law firm marketing?

Deeper Dialogue is a label that helps us properly focus our thinking. When we are marketing, we’re crafting and delivering language. All of us are writing all the time even though we don’t think about it. We’re always crafting what we’re going to say next. If you can create awareness through your law firm marketing, you can create familiarity and then a relationship that establishes trust. Law firms are able to generate awareness and build trust through the language that they use. Consider, what is it that sets your firm apart? The connective tissue across law is that you have to win over the client and establish trust. The term dialogue means a two way conversation – law firms need to listen to understand what the client needs before responding.  

How is power relevant to marketing or practicing law in general?

Power is attractive while force is repellent. The most effective, powerful leaders are great listeners. Someone who is powerful is not in a hurry, they are fully in the moment. If you can craft and deliver language that draws an audience closer, you’re able to include your audience in your future. When you ask a question about what you’ve heard rather than what you’re trying to accomplish – people’s interest in your services increases.

The Three “H” Words

With humility, humanity, and humor lawyers and their firms can succeed. Lawyers need to be humble in order to be trusted. Great leaders should be willing to serve and ask themselves, “How am I going to change the world?” Finally, humor is essential for everyone no matter what their role. There are a few things law firms can do to encourage their lawyers to embrace humility, humanity, and humor. First, listen more than you speak – act like you care. Second, be conservative with starting sentences with the word “I”.


An understanding of the distinction and difference between perception and intent, and that perception is not about winning the legal argument. It is about making an emotional connection with clients, so that they return, and provide referrals.

Finally, John would like to offer a free sample chapter of the audio book. If listeners send him an email with the subject line: “Deeper Dialogue” he will respond with a sample audio chapter file.


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